Friday, 26 September 2014

New Release: Meden Agan - Lacrima Dei (September 2014)

Originally formed in 2005, Meden Agan are due to release their new album Lacrima Dei this month. Following some line up changes, in 2013 the band also parted ways with lead vocalist Iliana due to musical differences and after 5 months of auditions, coloratura soprano Maya Kampaki joined the band together with Meden Agan's original drummer and main lyricist, who returned behind the drumkit. The current line up is: Maya on vocals, Diman on guitars, Tolis on keyboards, Aris on bass
and Panos on drums.

Since then the band have been working on the new album, Lacrima Dei which features 10 tracks:

Divine Wrath
Lacrima Dei
Embrace The Sorrow
Portal Of Fear
Everlasting Pain
Web Of Shadows
Nuntii Belli
Devoid Of Sanity (feat. Jon Soti)
Commemorate The Fallen

The album was recorded/mixed in ARTemis studios, Greece by Mark Adrian and was masteredin Finnvox studios, Finland by Mika Jussila.

Check out the album preview:

Also check out the official lyric video for Divine Wrath:

What will be a collection of pretty epic symphonic metal is going to be released upon the world by No Regret Records.   Grab a copy of Lacrima Dei from here, which is available in the UK from 6th October.

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