Wednesday, 3 September 2014

New Release: Myrkur - Myrkur EP (September 2014)

Myrkur, a one woman black metal project originating from Denmark, signed with Relapse Records earlier this year and releases her debut self titled EP on September 16th.

She says "Nature is a big part of the reason black metal even exists. And all types of pure music that comes from a pure place. The word ‘Myrkur’ means ‘darkness’ in Icelandic. The place where there are no boundaries, where no one can hurt me. And when I have sung the screams it, physically hurts but it feels like something is leaving my body. I can’t remember it afterwards."

Distinctly Nordic, the music is feminine yet brutal.  It's black metal but definitely different.  The first single Nattens Barn is quite simply stunning:

The EP will feature 7 tracks:

Ravnens Banner
Frosne Vind
Må Du Brænde i Helvede
Latvian Fegurð
Dybt i Skoven
Nattens Barn

Two of the tracks are available to stream on Bandcamp right now and the EP can also be preordered.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.