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New Release: Northern Oak - Of Roots And Flesh (4th October 2014)

Northern Oak are set to release their third album, Of Roots And Flesh, on October 4th. The album, funded entirely by a Kickstarter campaign last year, is something of a turning point for the band. Taking control of their own destiny, they have built on what they had in Monuments, the previous album, and with help of their loyal and growing fanbase produced something spectacular.

The strong lyrical themes from previous albums are present again in Of Roots And Flesh. The title itself indicates the core of the album's subject matter; the relationship between man and nature, the constant struggle for dominance and for peace. Of nature's unrelenting growth and its overwhelming power.

The album is, as usual, beautifully presented. The artwork by Augustinas Naslenas combines many images of Rivelin, the river and valley that Northern Oak's debut was named after (and, oddly enough, where I grew up.) Each track, too , is illustrated in the booklet and overlaid with the song's lyrics, ever poetic and heartfelt.

The album was recorded at Skyhammer studios and produced by Chris Fielding. Founding member and guitarist Chris Mole has this to say in our interview recently:
I’m incredibly proud of how good the album sounds - we asked a couple of bands that we’d played with about producers who were good to work with, and Chris Fielding got glowing reviews from all of them. He was a consummate professional, and really helped us make the best-sounding album that we possibly could.

The full track listing is as follows:
  1. The Dark of Midsummer
  2. Marston Moor
  3. Gaia
  4. Nerthus
  5. Isle of Mists
  6. Taken
  7. Requiescant In Pace
  8. The Gallows Tree
  9. Bloom
  10. Of Roots and Flesh
  11. Only Our Names Will Remain
  12. Outro
Prior to the album's release, the band have released a lyric video to one of the new songs, Nerthus. It captures the essence of the album beautifully.

Northern Oak are:

* Chris Mole - guitar
* Martin Collins - vocals and lyrics
* Catie Williams - flute and melodeon
* Rich Allan - bass
* Digby Brown - keyboard and violin
* Paul Whibberley - drums

A tour supporting the album is taking place all over the UK in October, starting with the album launch gig on October 4th at the Corporation in Sheffield. There is also a warm-up gig in the Snooty Fox, Wakefield on September 27th.

If you can't make any of the tour dates, fret not. Remember that Northern Oak are also supporting Moonsorrow in York next year!

You can preorder Of Roots and Flesh here.

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