Thursday, 2 October 2014

Extreme Thursday: Dehydrated

It's a busy old time here at Femetalism towers, and the impending dread of Thursday doesn't make things any easier. After a short break last week we're back with something a little heavier, a little louder and a little bit growlier.

This week we are taking a peek at Dehydrated, a death metal band from Tomsk in Russia. A 6 year career has seen them produce three EPs, two albums and three videos of proper death metal. Formed in 2008 from the remains of Komitet, vocalist Irina Sidenko and bassist Evgeniy Zimin joined forces with Evgen Tsibulin on guitar to form Dehydrated and bring Dehydrated to life.

By 2010 and with the help of drummer Alexey Ablaev the band had produced their first EP entitled Suffering From Mummification. Three monstrous, chugging death metal tracks with names like Blood And Suffering and the eponymous Dehydrated set the band's agenda early on.

On the back of Suffering From Mummification the band toured extensively, playing Metal Hail Fest and the Scream Of Terror Tour in 2009 alongside such names as Pulmonary Fibrosis, Petrogrind and Septycopiemia. In 2010 they played Muz-Online fest was subsequently signed by More Hate productions. This led to the production of Dehydrated's first album, Duality Of Existence.

Dehydrated's debut album was well received, and after a whirlwind tour around Siberia and southern Russia the band produced their first music video for Alive Underground off the first album. As part of the touring they picked up accolades and sponsorships galore. Evgen even became endorser of Lepsky guitars. Shortly after this touring Dehydrated produced their second EP, Mind Extract.

At this point Dehydrated kicked up a gear. After completing their touring and festival circuit for 2012 they headed into the studio and produced the second full length, Zone Beneath The Skin, on HeadXplode records. The band's raw death metal sound continued to improve and evolve, sounding polished but without losing the rawness of their underground roots.

Thanks to the increased popularity and with the support of their label Dehydrated produced two official videos for Zone Beneath The Skin; one for Thirst Of Dose and one for Werewolf. The former is presented as a rather peculiar thing; a sort of jazz X Factor interspersed with Dehydrated's own brand of death metal. Werewolf has overtones of world decline, crashing markets, war, militarisation and general misery.

If anything the band's sound becomes more technical the further along in their career they progress. The riffs are hard but intricate, and the drums driving the rhythm forward. Irina's vocal shifts between low-register growls and higher, breathier shrieking as the music requires lending each track a different flavour.

Since releasing Zone Beneath The Skin there has been an extended period of touring, playing a number of tours and festivals including Obscene Extreme and, most recently, Gangsters On The Road tour. The photo up top of this post is from the promo of that very tour. Dehydrated continue to promote their current catalogue and there is nothing obvious in the works for the future, but given the quality and technicality the band has put into the last release it'll be something special for the death metal market.

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Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews.