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INTERVIEW: Disasterhate

Described as three determined girls and a drummer, Sicilian Disasterhate recently released their thrash/death metal debut album Mirroring The Abyss.  It's a fantastic album filled with violent riffs and screaming vocals and was featured on Femetalism earlier in September.  Now here is their recent interview where we talk about the band, touring and their influences and motivations.

How did Disasterhate get together?

The band formed in early 2005 with the following line-up: Reitia (vocals, guitar), Klaudia (vocals, guitar), Rise (bass), Raven (drums), from the ashes of each member's musical past experiences, to create a violent mix of fatalistic sentences for mankind into solid thrash metal modern sound , dark, dramatic and psychic. After some good responses to live performances' within the Sicilian metal scene the band began developing their songwriting and evolved into to something more powerful and expressive. In May 2007 Raven left the band due to different musical intentions and projects.

In September 2007 Giando joined the band. After promotional activities, gigs and reviews of the first EP "Sacrifice to Eclipse", Disasterhate started songwriting the upcoming full length, recorded at Sound Empathy Studios by Fabio Monaco, Vittorio Blanco, mixed and engineered by Graziano Manuele at Ueickap Home Studios.

In September 2011 Giando left the band and Danilo Ficicchia (drummer of Sicilian thrash metal band Nemesis) joined, forming the line up of today. At the end of 2013 the work on our debut full-length album was completed, and “Mirroring The Abyss” was a reality. The album is supported by Club Inferno (a My Kingdom Music sub-label) who will take care of the promotion and of the digital distribution of the album - the official release date was September 22, 2014.

Can you tell us about each member of the band?

Reitia: I’m Antonella, vocalist and guitarist in Disasterhate. I have played in the band since 2005. I have known Claudia and Rise for many years though and we have played together in several musical project so we have a good feeling in songwriting and during live performance.

Klaudia: Together with Reitia & Rise we gave birth to Disasterhate project many years ago and we're bound by a deep friendship. I also take care of songwriting and all arrangements. I consider each one of us such an unique individual, very important for the musical contribute in the band.

Danilo: What can I say, play with the girls (well 3), and being the only male is truly a special experience. I was a latecomer to the foursome since they have always played together, but there was an immediate feeling between us, and we immediately started great.

Rise: Claudia and Antonella have a very expressive way to compose, Danilo have the groove that gives me emotions. I'm glad to play with them, I supposed that is the right way to the explosion 'cause we look deep inside ourselves to research the notes. When we're on stage I see a different light in their eyes and it's magic.

How did you decide on the name Disasterhate?

Reitia: When we started to play together, the themes of our songs were much more violent, apocalyptic and fatalistic. So Disasterhate sounded good, it has a direct impact and combines two faces of a human being.

How would you describe your sound?

Reitia: It’s authentic. We have alway played what we feel without genre limit. But if in the first EP - Sacrifice To Eclipse - our sound was still a little bit rough, it’s now more defined and mature; surely today it’s more personal: it arises from thrash death metal, but grows and expands to a melancholic and introspective atmosphere. It’s describes deep and secret emotions. It’s quite raw and violent, but also optimistic and pathetic.

You released your debut album Mirroring The Abyss in September. Can you tell us about the album? 

Reitia: This album talks about the abyss of our mind, with all fears, obsessions and whispers sleeping inside of us. It’s like a kaleidoscope of soul. We have tried to reveal our inner abyss with no veils and so what we play is what we are.

Songs are mainly written by me and Klaudia, but also Rise has contributed with great ideas, lyrics and songs, so she had an important part in the composition. Disasterhate’s sound would not be so various and multifaceted if everyone of us didn't have a great and important part.

The artwork is made from the imaginative and insane mind of Rise. She tried to reflect the solitary abyss of the mind through rarefied and cold images.

What do you enjoy most about performing live on stage?

The adrenaline, the interaction with people, the possibility to express our emotion in a natural way for all of us. When you are on stage, every single moment becomes intense, lived deeply, you think “I’m HERE and NOW, I’m not a fucking machine of society!”

Which Disasterhate song do you most enjoy playing live?

Klaudia: There's usually a favorite moment of mine in Disasterhate's set list during live performance, sure, and it's "In A Rarefied Morning Sun" and "The Abyss". It's a very emotive moment of the live act, very intense, and we try to do the best to communicate the deep meanings for us lying behind the both songs. "In A Rarefied Morning Sun" to me is about boredom, quietness and growing anxiety. Just like in a crescendo then it comes to "The Abyss", where at last sink confused thoughts, fears and pain.

Reitia: Well, during live performance as Claudia I also feel In A Rarefied Morning Sun and The Abyss are the much more emotive and intense moments on stage. But I think that the song that gives me much more adrenaline is “Shining black mirror”.

Rise: Shining Black Mirror and In A Rarefied Morning Sun have the most beautiful melodies of Mirroring The Abyss. Maybe it's 'cause I prefer to play these songs.

Danilo: Shining Black Mirror is one of my favorites, I do not know why, but playing it gives me a crazy charge and a state of mind that I just can not explain, given the content of the text, I think it is between 3 hit album. (In my view)

What motivates you to create your music?

It’s the only way to survive without becoming human androids that everyday wake up, work, walk, work again, sleep and wake up again. It’s the only way to stop everything and for knowing yourself deeply.

Where have you drawn your musical influences from for the band?

We have a large musical background, from hard rock and grunge to dark and extreme metal. This heterogeneity has always been an enrichment and a point of start, but everyone have found a personal songwriting, which gives a personal sound to Mirroring The Abyss.

If anything was possible, who would you most like to tour with and why?

Reitia: There are a lot of bands I’d like to tour with, considering myself honored. But a special place in my heart is for Anathema (great band and people!), even if now they are quite far from metal scene.

Klaudia: There're many artists I appreciate, and they're not only in the metal scene. I think I'll feel honored to tour with any musician I consider special and important.

Rise: The Haunted, Moonspell, Nevermore, Dark Tranquility, In Flames... I really don't know, there are too many! I would like to go on tour with one of my favourite band. So, it would be an important life experience with one of them.

Danilo: Look, if I could choose I would not hesitate to say, Helloween, considering that they are my favorite band ever since I started playing ... but given the completely different genre to what I think is impossible (hahaha) ... so I might choose someone who would be closer to our gender ... In Flames. (let's say I keep low ).

If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would you most like to perform and why?

Reitia: Maybe in America, because it would mean that Disasterhate’s name has become much popular and it has gone far, in a land so distant (in many senses) from Sicily. It would be a great opportunity of confrontation and publicity for us.

Klaudia: It would be great to tour everywhere in the world, to propose our music in other countries, to confront it with other realities. We never played abroad and we'd love to so much. I hope we'll be able to arrange something between the live booking activity of our label.

Rise: No doubt about the fact that I would like to play around the world. I'm very curious and I like to travel, if I could combine my two passions it would be great.

Danilo: All the world is beautiful, but you do not deny that cross the ocean to get to the other side of the world, I would not mind. Because outside of Italy is a whole different approach to music, especially metal, I think there are more opportunities to realise their dreams.

What are you planning next for Disasterhate?

Now we are working hard to the promotion of Mirroring The Abyss and to make shows outside of Sicily. We are also thinking of some new songs… some ideas already rattle around our insane minds!

Thanks to you, Emma, and to all people supporting us! We hope that you could find a fragment of your “abyss” in our music.

Huge thanks to Disasterhate for talking to Femetalism!  We love the album and are looking forward to these new songs! :)

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