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Freshly signed on the Klonosphere label and distribued by Season of Mist, The Way I Am are a French alternative metal/rock band with intense and accessible music along with a mesmerizing trademark imagery.

Their compositions are a blend of British Rock ( Muse, Radiohead), American Alternative Metal (Deftones, Korn, Flyleaf) and movie music (Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner).

Lead vocalist and the bands visual artist recently chatted to Femetalism about the band, the artwork, the incredible music and their new EP which is due out in November.

Can you introduce us to The Way I Am and tell us a little about each member?

The Way I Am is a French Alternative Metal & Rock band from Paris, France, freshly signed on the Klonosphere label. Our tracks are the result of different influences like BritishRock, American Metal and Movie Music Composers. Our music is finally somewhere between Flyleaf, Deftones, Muse and Evanescence.

Hi my name is Saturne and I’m the lead singer of The Way I Am I compose the melodies, write the lyrics and make the artwork.

J-war is the drummer but most importantly the main composer.

Bravic plays the guitar, and KronicK plays the bass. They both work hard on the official website of the band ( and the adjoining web platforms.

Where did the name The Way I Am come from?

It was the perfect name for us to be totally free. With this name, we were able to make songs following the moment, the humour and the inspiration. From the ballad to the really heavy song, just being the way we are in this precise moment!

How would you describe your sound?  What makes you stand out as a band?

Our sound is intense, colourful, true and sincere. We refuse to use any Autotune or Melodyne stuff.
Our particularity lies in the fact that we make everything by ourselves. Absolutely everything has been made by hand. It is a real DIY band. From the recording step to the master, the whole EP was made in our own studios. I made all the visual part. Even the lyrics video of the song Run Faster was made by Bravic! We’re quite proud of this because each person who listened to our tracks and saw our EP is quite amazed by its professional quality. It’s a real victory for us.

You will be releasing your debut EP in November. Can you tell us more about the album?

Well, the vast majority of the lyrics broaches subjects like lack of self-confidence, loneliness and betrayal. But always with a light somewhere. Without necessarily being happy-ends, I don’t want to swim in the endless clichés of the depressed metal band, ahah ! That’s also for this reason that we chose this illustration for the cover art : bloody heart, insane girl, yes, but also pink flowers and a white background. Please no black !  We are full of contrast. Contrast - this word really represents this band very well.

The writing process is really simple : J-war is extremely productive. It’s so natural for him: he just hears the music in his head, with all the instruments. So he just records what he hears, on the guitar, bass, drums and samples. Then I listen to the result and if I’m inspired, I create the melodies and lyrics. With this first advanced draft, Bravic and Nicomake some arrangements on theirs instruments, always making a point of honour to respect the original spirit of the song.

Although I love all of the tracks on the EP, the standout for me is Answer My Call. Do you have a favourite track on the EP and if so why that song?

Oh really? That’s good news because we chose this one as the single! Ahahah! More seriously, my favourite track I would say Shine Bright to play live, so much energy, heaviness and loudness and maybe No Means No for the final chorus, so addictive.

J-war is totally unable to answer this question, as the composer of all of these tracks! He could say Miss Anger today and Shine Bright in three months!

Bravic loves Miss Anger for its mix between fake serenity and real anger. This totally mesmerized him when he’s on stage.

KronicK’s favourite one is also Shine Bright. For the different voices I can make and the global energy of the song.

But this is a difficult choice to make, we really do love all the tracks.

What have been your major influences or styles?  Is there one band/artist that you really relate to?

One band or artist, definitely not.

We’re a huge melting pot of all of our musical crushes. We’re deeply in love with Deftones, Karnivool, Korn, early Muse albums or Flyleaf and Paramore for my part. We also love the live energy and incredible productivity of the “ Riff Machine ” Wes Borland, in Limp Bizkit. We also are great fans of Meshuggah and Radiohead.

You see, there is a huge gap between these last two influences and yet they are both really important to us.

What continues to motivate you to create your music?

Passion and love I think. Passion for music, love between each other in the band and love for the fans that have followed and supported us from the beginning.
 Passion for these gigs that always end with a lot of love from the public, too. What a great sensation to hear people screaming NO MEANS NO!! while you’re playing. These are feelings and emotions you can’t find anywhere else.

The bands artwork is incredible.  Very unique and beautiful.  Who is responsible for this work and how does it relate to you as a band?

Thank you very much! As I said earlier, I’m the one in charge of the graphic and visual part. This gives us a real independence : I can make gig flyers, cover art, and traditionally, an illustration comes with each track. This participates to our originality and brings us little more fans from another opened door, using my painting.

And as The Way I Am is born from the collision between and hyper-productive composer and a singer-painter, we couldn’t imagine the sound without this art!

You have toured throughout France during 2014. What do you enjoy about playing live and where are you hoping to tour next? 

The first best part is when stage fright turns into enthusiasm and pure joy. This comes really fast, into the ten first seconds of the show, but this feeling is so good ! Like if the heaviness of the apprehension suddenly transforms into wings of intense power.

One another great and powerful instant is the first wave of applause and shouts, after the first song. As we often play in front of people that don’t know us yet, it means we’ve convinced them and that we gain new fans. It brings a lot of self-confidence and gives so much energy to do our best till the end of the show !

We would be really grateful and happy if we could enter some ( big ) festivals this year. And we would also like to  leave France to play in Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany. We’re considering a European tour support.

How do you find the French music scene on the whole?

Less “ Rock “ than ever ! Unfortunately…

France isn’t a country of Rock as a matter of fact. On the radio you can only listen to French pop music, r’n’b, mainstream artists and classical music. Metal, rock and alternative musics are restricted to certain underground or web radios. And for bands like The Way I Am on which you can hardly put a label - not violent enough to be pure Metal and too violent to be pure Rock - it’s even more difficult. Nevertheless we have this strength to seduce audiences who don’t usually listen to our type of music. That’s pretty encouraging.

What’s next for The Way I Am? 

We’re working a lot to promote the release of our debut EP APOCALYPSE? NO WAY, out on November, 14. A lot of gigs, some radio showcases, interviews and much more is scheduled.

We’re also working on the acoustic versions of the tracks, which promises to be sooooo cool! We really look forward to play these live! So stay tuned!

Thanks a lot for this interview and for your interest. Big up to the Femetalism Team!

Huge thanks to Saturne for talking to Femetalism about this exciting project.  Keep your eyes on the site over the coming weeks as we feature the EP release and we will keep our fingers crossed for some UK touring in the not too distant future.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.