Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New Release: Anthology - The Prophecy (October 2014)

Slovak power metallers Anthology are due to release their second album The Prophecy this month. Formed in 2008, Anthology released their first album Exitus in 2011 and welcomed new vocalist Raylyn Shayde in 2013.  Currently the band are made up of Raylyn on vocals, Majo 'Mathias' Gonda on lead guitars, Miro 'Morety' Grman on rhythm guitars, Marek 'Marc' Štech on bass and vocals, Martin 'Maarty' Solárik on keyboards and Peter 'Pepo' Pleva on drums.

The album was released as a promo earlier in the year ahead of the official release.  The initial reception for the promo has been positive with the band reaching as far as Japan, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and in countries of Latin America.

The full album is made up of 10 tracks plus a bonus orchestral track:

The River of the mystery
The Prophecy
Lost Dreams
Rise up!
Scream into the darkness
Open your eyes
No sorrow
Inside my rage
Fate in your hands
The Secret of midnight
No sorrow orchestral version (Bonus)

Check out the album album teaser here:

Also take a listen to The Secret of Midnight - my favourite from the album! 

If you head to the bands store you can grab a copy of the promo version now - or you could wait for the real thing, including the bonus track later this month.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.