Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Release: Edenian - Forgotten Once (October 2014)

Ukrainian gothic metal band Edenian, this month released their new EP - Forgotten Once through Solitude Productions.  Having previously released 2 albums, this EP continues in the same vein as Winter Shades and Rise of the Nephilim, but with a stronger focus on the female vocals.  The EP also features two brilliant cover songs: Xandria's Snow White and  Paradise Lost's Eternal.

Including the covers there are five tracks:

1. To Eternity
2. The Ghost
3. Awoken
4. Snow-White (Xandria cover)
5. Eternal (Paradise Lost cover)

Check out the vocal recording session earlier this year:

The EP is available to stream on Bandcamp and to buy for a name your price fee:

Another great release from this band that is well worth adding to your gothic metal collection.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.