Friday, 31 October 2014

New Release: hAND - Kintsugi (November 3rd)

Sussex based prog rockers hAND are preparing to release their 3rd studio album on November 3rd. The album is called Kintsugi, will be released by Brutal Elite Records, and maybe most importantly, is currently streaming in full at Prog Magazine.

The album title, Kintsugi, means "to repair with gold". The album is broken down and rebuilt, and each bundle of the album will include MP3 downloads of reimagined versions of some tracks and some totally new ones. Breaking down and rebuilding is a core concept in the album, and the bonus material is more than just the usual "bonus CD" of stuff that didn't fit the album.

The Gold Edition of Kintsugi a different take on the same material as featured on the album proper. Not all the tracks are duplicated, and those that are are set to sound totally different. The intention is to make an album of contrasts; the heavy, driving sounds of Kintsugi and the more natural, traditional rock of the bonus disc. It certainly sounds like an interesting concept!

hAND is Kat Ward on vocals, bass and piano, Dan Thomas on drums, Kieren Johnstone on guitars and Tom Johnstone on synths. The track listing for the standard edition of Kintsugi is as follows:

Level One
Volcanic Panic
Amazing Burn
Hide You
Through The Big Door, Up The Stairs And Out
Words To That Effect

As well as the album stream at Prog magazine there is a studio recording of one song from Kintsugi, Volcanic Panic.

You can pre-order one of three exciting bundles from the band's website, featuring either just the album, a t-shirt, or a vinyl version of the full gold edition.

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Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews.