Friday, 10 October 2014

New Release: Jackknife Seizure - Time Of The Trilobytes Launch Gig (25th October)

London rockers Jackknife Seizure are set to for an epic launch night for their debut EP, Time Of The Trilobytes, later this month. This will coincide with a launch gig at Big Red with support from heavy metallers Brutai and groove rockers Zocalo.

Jackknife Seizure have been slowly building a reputation in north London and beyond for their groovy, progressive style. After winning the London Metal 2 The Masses competition they played a set on the Bloodstock Open Air New Blood stage, a performance we were fortunate to be able to see (and, indeed, take the photos at the top of this post). With their debut EP they hope to take this winning formula further afield to live audiences nationwide.

Time Of The Trilobytes is actually already available via Bandcamp, but if you want to see it live and in person, you'll have to make your way to Big Red on October 25th. The EP weighs in at a whopping 26 minutes, despite being only 4 tracks long, and packs enough noodling, crunching and heavy bass grooving to keep any prog, grunge or metalhead happy.

Jackknife Seizure features Gerry on vocals, Mit on guitar, Dave on bass and Sylvy on drums. The track listing for the excellently titled Time Of The Trilobytes looks like this:

  1. Amphibiman
  2. Mechanical Mosquito
  3. Time Of The Trilobytes
  4. Wanker (means you're a c***)
If this mix of musical styles and exotic song titles interests you, and if you can make it, the details of the launch gig are here:

And if you can't make it to the launch gig (or even if you can), you can pick up a copy of Time Of The Trilobytes from the band's Bandcamp page right now!

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Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews.