Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New Release: Lovelorn Dolls - Japanese Robot Invasion (October 2014)

Belgian industrial goth rockers Lovelorn Dolls come alive once more with the release of their second album Japanese Robot Invasion later this month.

After a much acclaimed self-released EP An Intense Feeling Of Affection and numerous concerts, the band signed with Belgian label Alfa Matrix. Their debut album The House Of Wonders was released in 2013 and is rich with somber coloured atmospheres and infectious beautiful melodies.

This year, Lovelorn Dolls return with Japaese Robot Invasion. More electro and melodic than previous releases; it explores the dark side of humanity - violence, sex, war and invasion, drugs, cancer, evil creatures.

Track List:

Happy valentine
The Thrill
Long Awaited Kiss
Japanese Robot Invasion
Miss Friday Night
Curse of the Crab
Just Like Heaven
Blood Moon
Wolf Inside

Check out the official lyric video for The Thrill:

This track alone makes the album stand out as a must for fans of industrial and electro goth rock.  As a fan of The Birthday Massacre I can't help but notice the influence here and I really appreciate the result. Add this to the beautiful album artwork created by Natalie Shau, the graphist behind many of Cradle of Filth's covers and there is a sure fire hit here.

Here is the album trailer:

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Grab a copy of the album here.

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.