Friday, 24 October 2014

New Release: Nightcreepers - Hreidd (October 2014)

Epic French folk metallers Nightcreepers released their 3rd album, Hreidd this month.  Formed in 2006 and having had numerous line up changes over the years, the band are currently made up of Haarath (guitar, vocals) Hindrik (guitar, choirs) Elrohir (bass) Vicken (drums) Evoken (keyboards, choirs) and Chiron (live orchestra).

Hreidd comes 2 years after their previous album Alpha and features a massive 14 tracks:

  1. Guildsmark
  2. Death to the Hypocrite
  3. One Path Masquerade
  4. Falsehood Veil
  5. Aeon’s Race
  6. Back to the Laid
  7. True Lads Have Fallen (ft. Rachel Aspe)
  8. Oath of the Wild
  9. Volcae
  10. Seeds of Truth
  11. The Hreidd’s Path
  12. Trails of our Fate
  13. Vanghor the Bastard (bonus track)
  14. Alpha: Reloaded (bonus track)

Check out the lyric video for The Hreidd’s Path:

The album is available to purchase from the bands website.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.