Monday, 13 October 2014

New Release: Selene - Paradise Over (October 2014)

Northern Irish symphonic power metallers Selene will be releasing their new EP Paradise Over exclusively through Bandcamp on October 17th, followed by all major music platforms on October 24th.

Within the first week of release, their debut release Among the Frozen reached the top 15 in the Symphonic Metal, Power Metal and Gothic metal worldwide charts on Bandcamp, even managing to break the top 10 in Power metal. The Physical CD also reached number 3 in the metal category.

Paradise Over follows the trend Selene set on their debut EP while also creating a new heavier sound thanks in part to the new members Cameron Ashlund-Glass (Darkest Era) and Thomas Alford (Sandstone).

The EP features 6 tracks:

Facing the Mirror
Not Enough
Still Dreaming
Paradise Over
Fade Away
Hourglass Fading

The EP is incredibly beautiful with some really dark and heavy elements that make this release feel like a seasoned symphonic metal offering.  The artwork is very striking and the attention to detail on this release is clearly evident. The band are still young, only forming in 2013.

The line up consists of: Shonagh Lyons on vocals, John Connor on guitar and keyboards, Thomas Alford on bass and Cameron Åhslund-Glass on drums.

You can follow the band on:


Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.