Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Supporting Indie Music: enkElination music video for Last Time Together

UK melodic metallers enkElination, having recently released their debut album, are now turning to the popular crowd funding platform IndieGoGo to crowd fund a music video.

The campaign opens with a video of Elena explaining the campaign along with some awesomely hilarious modelling from her and Shadow ...

The perks on offer are pretty cool as well!  They include stickers, badges, previously unheard tracks, live DVD's and some newly designed Tees:

And this is the wonderful track they plan to make the video for (one of my favourites from the album):

Check out their video for Tears of Lust if you haven't already:

I am a big supporter of crowd funding and think that campaigns such as this make it possible for fans both old and new to really get behind a band and continue to keep independent music alive.

You can contribute to the campaign here.

Read our interview with the band here.

Follow the band on:


Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.