Wednesday, 26 November 2014

AONIA FEST: First Three Bands Announced - May 2015

AONIA FEST, a new metal all-day event, will take place in Birmingham at The Roadhouse on Sunday 3rd May. The event is organised by Aonia co-vocalist Jo and Aonia drummer Tony.

Aonia, the first of three bands to be announced thus far, hail from the midlands and mix NWOBHM, power metal and symphonic metal into one enchanting force of darkened melodies, dual operatic vocals and tragic symphonies.

Apparition, best known for organising the annual Dames of Darkness Festival, are the second band to be announced, having recently played Valkyrian Festival with Psydoll. Apparition are a traditional gothic rock band and have supported the likes of Sarah Jezebel Deva, Sirenia, Delain and Stream Of Passion, amongst others.

The third band to be announced are Yorkshire metal warband Ravenage, who boast Elliot Vernon of Alestorm amongst their ranks. With three Bloodstock appearances under theiir belts alongside other festival appearances, Ravenage are arguably one of the most successful bands on the Yorkshire metal scene.

Ticket information is still to be announced for Aonia Fest. Further announces can be found at

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.