Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Festival Preview: Valkyrian Festival 2014

The dark Autumn nights are really rolling in now and the long, dark winter is edging ever nearer. How do we combat this misery?  How about Valkyrian Festival in Bridlington, UK?

Having a scan through the bands announced for this weekend, it's clearly going to be a pretty epic event musically.  The festival is being held in The Londesborough, Bridlington, East Yorkshire so there will be plenty of opportunity for land locked sea lovers such as myself to breath in some brisk sea air. Supported by The Crypt of Curiosities, Wolf Band Management and Music Promotion and Black Phoenix Rising and with all proceeds being donated to RapeCrisis there really is no reason to miss out!

From our point of view there are a tremendous number of bands featuring female musicians and so in this quick preview let's have a look at the line up and highlight some of the femetal bands who we will be rocking out to in a few short days.

On Friday evening the weekend starts at 6pm with Aftermath, Satanic Malfunctions and Nexus One ahead of Apparition (the hosts of annual female metal fest Dames of Darkness) and Japan's very own Psydoll as headliner act.


Gothic metallers and Dames of Darkness Festival hosts Apparition have recently welcomed back Fiona Creaby on vocals who has returned to the band after a 5 year hiatus. The band also features Amy Lewis on guitar, David Homer on bass and vocals, Nick Whitmore on guitar and Ashley Guest on drums.


Psydoll are vocalist Nekoi and guitarist Ucchi of Tokyo, Japan. Nekoi's involvement in the Manga industry plus the duo's shared love for Japanese animation and SF films provided the inspiration for their sound which they call cyberpunk.

Saturday kicks off at 2pm with Korvuss, Hamerex, Crooked Lizard, Kingdom in Koas, Northern Oak, Clunge Hammer, Divided We Fall, Sorrinia, Mørktår and headliners Azylya.

Crooked Lizard

Crooked Lizard are a Rock & Roll band based in Hull, that perform catchy, toe-tapping blues. The band features Roberta Lawson on drums along with Tom Hemmings on guitar and vocals, Mike Sheriff on bass.

Northern Oak

Northern Oak is a progressive folk metal group from Sheffield.  The combine blackened, progressive metal with folk elements and make use of violin, recorders and flute. Catie Williams is the pioneer of the heavy flute sound with Chris Mole on guitars, Digby Brown on keyboards and violin, Rich Allen on bass Wib on drums and Martin Collins on vocals.

Divided We Fall 

Divided We Fall are a female fronted symphonic metal band based in Staffordshire, England. Their sound is a stripped down, modern take on symphonic metal rather than the traditional operatic style vocal. Philippa Ricketts fronts the band as vocalist with Matt Nicholls on guitar, Lee Mulcahy on keyboard, Tom Walker on drums and Aaron Pointon on bass.


Sorronia is a female fronted, symphonic metal act from Hungary. Combining smooth rock fills with hard, heavy metal riffs and gothic elements. Anna Király is the vocalist with István Biró on keyboards, Zoltán Árpád Liptay on guitars, Csaba Gál on bass guitar and Kristóf Vízi on drums.


Misterious, misanthropic Black Metal from London with Repktkor on vocals, Thrym Mørktår on guitars, Morrigan on bass and Sinmara on drums.


Gothic metal band Azylya was the brain-child of Jamie-Lee Smit who leads the bands on vocals. The band are from Belgium and include Anthony La Valle on guitars, Polak on bass, Yohann Gaucher on guitars and vocals, Laurent De Wolf on drums and Sébastien Lothaire on keyboards.

Sunday starts at 1.30pm with Synchronix, Greenfire, Avalon, Alwaid, Lost Effect, Alice in Thunderland, Wretched Soul, Aonia, Reign of Fury and headliners SCANDELION.


Green fire are four individuals with an eclectic mix of talents from different musical genres creating what they call - Posh Rock.  Tara Louise is the voice of Greenfire and she is joined by John Harland on drums, Mark DeStaedtler on guitar and Oto Sukovsky on bass.


French melodic metallers Alwaid hail from Lillie and were formed in 2010.  Marie is vocalist for the group with Laurent on keyboards,  Max on guitars and grunts, Simon on bass, Marceau on drums and Alexis on guitars.

Lost Effect

UK based melodic metallers Lost Effect are Emily Burt on vocals, Dave Wells on keyboard and growls, Steve Wells on guitar, Shaun Wainman on bass and Pete Rutherford on drums. They utilise a beauty and the beast style of vocals and perform a unique style of metal music.

Alice In Thunderland

Bridlington locals Alice in Thunderland are a four piece classic rock metal band who combine original material with covers of their favourite greats.  Kala fronts the band as vocalist with Chris I'Anson on guitar, Kev Truelove on bass and Stu Millington on drums.


Aonia describe themselves as a 7-headed, 14-legged creation comprising a dual-wield of 'sopranos with balls' as vocalists, along with shredding twin axes, symphonic keys and driving drums and bass - for fans of power metal, progressive metal and NWOBHM.  The line-up is indeed large with Melissa and Joanne on vocals,  James and Slick on guitars, Gary on bass, Tim on keyboard and Tony on drums.


Gothic doom metallers Scandelion originate from The Canary Islands but are now based in the UK. Valkyrian Festival will be their first UK gig.  The band are Nina Dysis on vocals, Jorge Afonso on keys and voices, Fabrizio Ferraro on guitar and Hallam Smith on bass.

So there you have it.  A pretty packed weekend ahead.  Tickets are still available and cost just £15 for the whole weekend.  You can order them here and then collect on the door.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.