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Rainover hail from Spain and bring with them a wonderful atmospheric, gothic metal sound. Formed in 2011, the band have been prolific of late with numerous exciting announcements that UK fans will be excited to hear. After recently featuring their album Transcending the Blue and Drifting into Rebirth on the site, we were able to talk with lead vocalist Andrea and drummer Quini about these exciting announcements along with more about the band, their album and the metal scene in Spain.

Hi guys - tell us about Rainover?

The band finds its origins in 2003, when Anthon (guitars) and Arturo (keyboards) decided to gather in the aim of creating a band in the vein of the late 90’s gothic metal bands. We knew each other from playing in other bands, and the line up was completed initially with Quini on drums, who was very active in the doom metal scene of our city, and a different bass player, until Antonio Perea, whom Quini knew from that doom metal scene, came as the new bassist and backing male singer in 2009.

In these first stages of the band, we got to hit different stages of our country, including some prestigious festivals, shot two videos and recorded our first full album. Then in 2011, we decided to part ways with our old singer, (had to) get a new name for the band, and welcome Andrea Casanova, who we found through a common friend, on vocals to record our newest album, Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth.

Can you tell us a little about each member of the band?

Sure! We've got Anthon Lo on guitars, who also works on the band videos as he works in that field. He’s been active in the band since the beginning and before forming Remembrances, he used to play in Carpathos, a black metal band that issued a demo and also had Quini on drums.

Antonio Perea plays bass and also adds male vocals to the mix; he’s also the one in charge of most of the recordings when creating guidelines for the studio, and also works in designs for the band (flyers, posters, and so on). He also played for a long time in several other projects, and actually has another band –now on hold- called Eternal Cry that performs doom metal.

Arturo Hernández plays keyboards; he’s also one of the founding members of the band, and he’s always been one of the most relevant members when it comes to that field, having had the Remembrances album almost entirely composed by him.

Quini Pelegrín plays drums, and also works creating lyrics and concepts for the songs, together with Andrea, and takes care of a part of the bureaucracy of the band. Before Rainover, he played in two doom metal bands (Animam Trahere and The Awakening) that issued demos and played a good number of gigs in Spain, collaborated in Anthon’s black metal band, and set up a nationally distributed fanzine and worked in albums distribution.

Andrea Casanova was the last to be recruited for the vocals position, and she now also takes care of a big part of the management, bureaucracy, relationships and promo of the band, aswel as providing conceptual and musical ideas. Before joining Rainover, she took part in numerous projects of different styles, and she’s received vocal and musical education along with practicing other arts such as dancing and acting.

Where did the name Rainover come from?

We got the name from our song Rain Over My Tears. It’s a name that fits the spirit and sound of the band, and it refers to the rain, which is a cyclic element of rebirth in nature –rebirth, something we feel is present at the very history of the band, and in fact has been the main theme of our newest album.

How would you describe your sound?

We usually tag it as gothic metal, probably because most of our more important influences could be named like that, but it has far more to offer. From the purely melancholic gothic metal sounds in some tracks, to more lively and upbeat tunes with even some electronic traces, going through a vast of influences of all kind –we are a bit double faced in a sense.

A way for us to sum it all up, is saying that the music is intense, emotional and dreamy, direct but evocative, with an old gothic metal school flavour wrapped up in modern influences and a polished production. We go straight to the feelings and atmosphere, and vocals and melodic hooks are an important part of our songs.

Your album Transcending the Blue and Drifting into Rebirth was released in earlier this year. Can you tell us about the album?

Sonically, the album is pretty varied as we said in our previous answer. It’s been written by the band of course, with group efforts, and efforts from particular members.

It’s also varied lyrically, containing different themes, from the most introspective and personal ones, to those that treat more everyday life topics. Still, there is a certain theme underlying most of the record, and this is the same we gave a little hint about when talking about the band name: cycles in life, and rebirth. We wanted to reflect the idea that in every story and life, an ending can also be a new beginning, and that no matter how dark things might seem, there might always be a light, a rebirth. If you look at the album as a whole, you’ll find this through its songs even if they’re independent stories or thoughts.

These ideas get reflected both in the title and in the album cover, giving the idea of this cyclic transit between different states of feelings and realities. The album cover has been created by the great Spanish artist Mario Sánchez Nevado (artistic name Aégis), and we think of it as the perfect image to convey the feelings and stories kept in our songs.

What motivates you to create your music?

Our music is something that comes from our inside –we firstly create music for ourselves, music we enjoy and feel inspired by, but then we also create music for the big treat that is presenting it live, and just knowing that other people listen to it and can feel identified with it, or inspired by it themselves. That is a precious reward.

Which artists have inspired or influenced you as a band?

We have got plenty of personal influences, in all kinds of metal and rock, as well as other styles of music, but probably our “common ground” is 90’s gothic and doom metal, and some current bands that keep this style.

Some of the bands that most influenced us from the beginning have been, among many many others, acts like Theatre of Tragedy, The Gathering, Within Temptation, Type O Negative, Moonspell, Tristania, Paradise Lost, Therion, Anathema, and so on.

What do you enjoy most about playing live and which Rainover song do you most enjoy playing?

Probably, what we enjoy the most about playing live is the energy that we transmit to each other, between the band members, and also back and between us and the audience. The songs also take an entirely new dimension when played live, and it’s great to feel how powerful they can get to be on a live environment. Another great thing is meeting our fans after the shows and being able to exchange impressions and comments with them.

It’s difficult to choose just one song. Maybe the most upbeat tracks, such as H2SO4, are especially powerful live and we love to see the people jumping with us in these ones! Some other great live tracks are Oh, My Cross!!, Rebirth, Dust and Dawn, In Free Fall or Cycles, in which people usually get visually moved.

If you could tour with any artist, who would that be?

Touring with another band actually means spending lots of time together, sharing the bus, and having to stand each other, so it can be hard if you don’t know the people (and even if you do!). It depends on the people. We can’t really know!

 But, if you’re talking about our musical tastes, well, there are like a thousand bands we could name whom we’d like to share stage with. Paradise Lost, Closterkeller, Within Temptation, The Gathering, Novembre, Moonspell… there are too many!

If you could tour anywhere in the world, is there a venue or particular city you would like to play?

We don’t think there’s a place we wouldn’t like to play, and then you have so many great festivals and venues mostly in Europe, but also in other continents. As for places we’d like to visit, we’re very interested in many places of central Europe, although getting to cross the ocean and reach American lands would be nice as well! Same with Oriental countries.

Inspired by a guest article on Femetalism, I am interested in finding out more about the metal scene in other countries. Can you tell us about the metal scene in Spain?

Spain has always been a place for more traditional styles of metal. However, lately we’re experimenting the coming of more bands in other styles of metal, and many new bands are starting  to spring out –only that most do not have the means to really “make” it, you know. 

This said, some styles are clearly still a lot less popular than others. For example, we can’t really think of many bands that play gothic metal.

Referring the female fronted metal bands movement, also more and more bands are starting to come out – some are only starting, while some others (the less) are already making a name out there. Sadly, sometimes it’s a lot harder to get that recognition in your own country. 

We have the quality, but we need more means, exposure, and probably a slight change in the mentality of the people in the audience, many of which, especially here, are still stuck with the old sounds and models of the industry and find it hard to open their ears to new musical offerings.

Pic by Tachas y Metal So what’s next for Rainover?

Our plans are to keep on promoting the album. We feel we can still reach many more goals with it! The next step before the end of the year is presenting the album in some other Spanish stages, and we’re also planning the first Rainover videoclip, which we also hope can be a reality in the next few months.

For next year, we’ve already confirmed our first show outside of Spain, which will be at the Quinphonic Festival (a festival where all five bands are headliners, playing full one hour sets each), at the Roadhouse, in Birmingham, in April 5th 2015. And, the next great news is that we’ll also be present at the The Dames of Darkness Festival also in your own UK! We feel this is a truly important thing for us as we’re sharing bill with some epic bands such as Sirenia or Leaves’ Eyes, to name just a few, and we hope we can reach many new ears there.

In the middle of all of this, we’ve started composing some new tunes for a future next album!

Thanks to Andrea and Quini for taking some time out to talk to Femetalism.  Some exciting news indeed and Femetalism looks forward to seeing them play Dames of Darkness in May and hopefully hearing some new material soon too.

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