Wednesday, 12 November 2014

New Release: Cadaveria - Silence (November 2014)

Horror metal maestros CADAVERIA have released details of their forthcoming album, Silence, set for release on November 18th on Scarlet Records.

Femetalism has featured CADAVERIA in a past Extreme Thursday on discovering their previous album, Horror Metal. Silence continues in the same vein; conjuring images of darkness, incense, rage and melancholy. The otherworldly atmosphere could be the backdrop to a horror movie.

All composition and lyrics are by Cadaaveria herself, who has this to say about the new album:
“Silence is an immense and supreme 'sound-folly' that celebrates the capriciousness of destiny, the fugacity of life and the eternal presence of darkness in light. An instinctive impetus made of pure emotions, calibrated by awareness and experience. This album represents our maturity as musicians and the highest and most sincere expression of myself as an artist and as a woman. These new compositions are extremely gloomy and sinister, but they give off an explosion of power, intense energies and deep sensations. Silence will guide you into a carnival of imagination and reality, where doom and free will are playing their last chess game. I’m sure it will leave many people speechless. Silence!”
The first single from the new album, Carnival Of Doom, is already available for purchase from the band's store or from Scarlet Records' BandCamp page.

The full track listing for Silence is as follows:

  1. Velo (The Other Side Of Hate)
  2. Carnival Of Doom
  3. Free Spirit
  4. The Soul That Doesn’t Sleep
  5. Existence
  6. Out Loud
  7. Death, Again
  8. Exercise1
  9. Almost Ghostly
  10. Loneliness
  11. Strangled Idols

A teaser video for Silence has also been released to Youtube to give a taste of what's to come.

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Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews.