Sunday, 23 November 2014

New Release: Cripper - Hyena (November 2014)

Hannover thrash legends Cripper released their 4th studio album, Hyëna, on November 21st on Metal Blade records. On the back of a hectic, yet highly successful tour schedule and the now legendary 70,000 Tonnes Of Metal cruise, Hyëna takes Cripper forward and into new waters.

We featured Cripper in an Extreme Thursday way back in February before any rumours of the new album started. Hyëna features 11 tracks of pure Cripper mayhem that are more polished, heavier and louder than before. Retaining the band's core sound throughout, this is a pure thrash record and is rammed full of catchy hooks, thundering basslines and distinctive riffs.

Starting with the title track, the album jumps straight into high speed riffs that go on unrelenting through four tracks of pounding metal and wailing guitar. Things turn down a notch at track 5 with the creepy, doomy tones of "7 inches" and the slow chug of Animated Flesh. Things pick up pace again with The Origin and the staccato beats of The Jackhammer. Album closer Pure takes things into an entirely more ethereal direction, even featuring a bit of piano, alternating to heavy chugging and back again. Cracking stuff.

Cripper's line-up consists of Britta Görtz on vocals, Christian Bröhenhorst and Jonathan Stenger on guitars, Gerrit Mohrmann on bass and Dennis Weber on drums. The full track listing for Hyëna is:

  1. Hyena
  2. Tourniquet
  3. Bloodshot Monkey Eye
  4. A Dime For The Establishment
  5. 7″
  6. Animated Flesh
  7. The Origin
  8. Patterns In The Sky
  9. The Jackhammer
  10. Patronized
  11. Pure

Cripper are touring Hyëna across Europe for the rest of 2014. Check out their dates and see if you can get along. The band say that the studio release is just a teaser for the live experience!

12 Dec Eindhoven (NL) – Eindhoven Metal Meeting
13 Dec Genk (BE) – Iron Steel Fest II
31 Dec Nürnberg (DE) – Aqua Ruction MS Franconia
31 Jan Gronau (DE) – Monster Metal Festival

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