Monday, 10 November 2014

New Release: Kontrust - Explositive (November 2014)

Austria's premium crossover act, Kontrust, release their fourth album Explositive this month through Napalm Records. The band are well known for their rapid rhythms, catchy slogans, brutal guitars and unique vocals and this new album does not disappoint.

The band, made up of  Agata Jarosz and Stefan Lichtenberger on vocals, Mike Wolffon guitars, Gregor Kutscheraon on bass, Roman Gaisböck on drums and Manuel Haglmüller on percussions released their debut album in 2005.  With Explositive, they continue to stretch the boundaries.  Check out the album preview:

Track Listing:

1. Dance
2. Why
3. Just Propaganda
4. I Freak On
5. Shut Up
6. Cosmic Girls
7. Vienna
8. Bulldozer
9. Play!
10. This Is My Show
11. Bad Time
12. Ladies (Bonus Track)
13. Lucky Bastard (Bonus Track)

On 7th November, the band also released the official video for Just Propoganda.  Am loving the animation:

Grab a copy of the album here

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