Saturday, 1 November 2014

New Release: May The Silence Fail - Of Hope And Aspiration

German melodeath metallers May The Silence Fail released their debut album, Of Hope And Aspiration, on October 10th 2014. The product of seven years' hard work, the band have been developing their live performance as well as a demo in 2007 and an EP, Beyond All Dispute, in 2009.

May The Silence Fail features dual vocalists, Janina Kutschewski and Sarina Wijasuriya, one handling cleans while the other taking on the growls. Their philosophy is expressed in the name of the band; to break down the walls to self-expression and non-compliance. Silence and indifference are tantanount to confirmation and acceptance, but speaking out can make a difference.

Of Hope And Aspiration runs to a whopping 11 tracks and 47 minutes of melodic death metal:
    1. Gods are Long Since Dead
    2. Return to Mind
    3. If It Wasn't for You
    4. Nothing Left
    5. Lost for Words
    6. Sleepless
    7. Come Alive
    8. Without Knowing
    9. Evil's Repression
    10. Conjectural Lies
    11. When Time Is Asleep
    May The Silence Fail have also released a lyric video with lots of lovely kinetic text for the second track, Return To Mind.

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    MP3s of the new album are available on the SCR Metal BandCamp, online shop or the usual retailers.

    Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews.