Friday, 7 November 2014

New Release: Zephyra - Mental Absolution (2014)

Swedish melodic metal band Zephyra have finally released their long awaited debut album Mental Absolution through digital retailers this last week. The band signed with Wormholedeath for the release which has been produced by Jonathan Mazzeo, The physical CD will be released worldwide by Wormholedeath/Aural Music before the year is out.

Made up of husband and wife duo Åsa Netterbrant on vocals and growls and Tony Netterbrant on guitars along with Jonas Thörnqvist on bass and Kujtim Gashi on drums, this band have been a firm favourite for Femetalism for sometime.  We were privileged to interview Tony and Åsa in August when the announcement of the album had just been made.

Mental Absolution features 11 tracks:

  1. Imprisoned Queen
  2. Forced Family
  3. Not Without My Scars
  4. Lies and Deceit
  5. Emotional Surgery
  6. Kiss The Abyss
  7. Schizophrenic's Sanity
  8. Atychiphobia
  9. Mandatory Meltdown
  10. Release My Anger
  11. In My Veins

The album is filled with tracks that twist and turn you at a moments notice in a whole new direction. A diverse and accomplished body of work, the album feels modern and fresh, but with classic thrash and melodic elements. Åsa's split vocals are quite simply the cherry on top of the cake. A really brilliant album which is testament to the hard work that has been put into it and has definitely been well worth the wait!!

Track 8 - Atychiphobia, is a perfect example of the diversity you can expect on the album.  It is a beautiful yet fierce ballad:

You can purchase the album in a digital format now, but pre-orders are still being taken for the physical album, which will be signed and sent with a pretty natty Tee.

Digital Purchase

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