Monday, 22 December 2014

Bandcamp Series: Fate Prevailed - Blue Skies Burn Red (September 2014)

Fate Prevailed is a six-piece metal band from Ajax, Ontario who combine melodic female vocals with heavy instrumentation and screaming vocals. The music is progressive and technical with dark lyrical themes, raging solos, and haunting melodies.

The band is made up of Mike Seeley on keyboard and vocals, Roger Harris on bass and vocals, Zach Karry on guitar, Ariana Ganga on vocals and Grant Kimmerer on guitar.

In September 2014 the band released their debut EP - Blue Skies Burn Red.

The EP features 5 tracks:
  1. The Hunt Is On
  2. Blue Skies Burn Red
  3. Merciless
  4. The Chemical Wedding
  5. Surrounded
The album is filled with progressive elements, lots of keyboard, great guitars overlaid with a combination of delicate female vocals and more aggressive male vocals. The tracks are also long, meaning you get over 37 minutes of music for your EP money.

Without a doubt, my favourite track on the album is Merciless, which is also the longest at 10 minutes 24 seconds, that said The Chemical Wedding is also pretty epic. A great debut release which I hope leads onto a full-length release in the not too distant future.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.