Friday, 31 October 2014

Nonamen release lyric video for "Sleepingfall", plus fan competition!

Polish prog metallers Nonamen have just released a lyric video for Sleeping fall from their upcoming album Obsession that you can watch below. If you're not familiar with Nonamen, check out our interview with the band!

New Release: hAND - Kintsugi (November 3rd)

Sussex based prog rockers hAND are preparing to release their 3rd studio album on November 3rd. The album is called Kintsugi, will be released by Brutal Elite Records, and maybe most importantly, is currently streaming in full at Prog Magazine.

The album title, Kintsugi, means "to repair with gold". The album is broken down and rebuilt, and each bundle of the album will include MP3 downloads of reimagined versions of some tracks and some totally new ones. Breaking down and rebuilding is a core concept in the album, and the bonus material is more than just the usual "bonus CD" of stuff that didn't fit the album.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Release: Edenian - Forgotten Once (October 2014)

Ukrainian gothic metal band Edenian, this month released their new EP - Forgotten Once through Solitude Productions.  Having previously released 2 albums, this EP continues in the same vein as Winter Shades and Rise of the Nephilim, but with a stronger focus on the female vocals.  The EP also features two brilliant cover songs: Xandria's Snow White and  Paradise Lost's Eternal.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New Release: Sister Sin - Black Lotus

Swedish classic metallers Sister Sin released their fifth album yesterday, October 27th. Black Lotus is more of the sort fast paced, high energy, sing-along metal tunes that they're famous for. Chaos Royale, the first single from Black Lotus, is already out and has a lyric video to go with it. You can check it out here:

Monday, 27 October 2014

New Release: Divahar - Divarise

Armenian black metal band DivahaR released their debut album Divarise earlier this month.  The all female line up consists of Dev on vocals, Urubani and Skadi on guitars and Freya on bass and their first release really delivers.

The album is available to stream on YouTube and you can pick up digital copies of the album from here. The music is melodic yet powerful and really showcases the hard work and dedication that has been put into the release.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

New Release: Amaranthe - Massive Addictive

Swedish melodic pop metal band Amaranthe released their third album, Massive Addictive, this month. Formed in 2008, Amaranthe released their self titled debut in 2011 and the hugely successful The Nexus in 2013.

Amaranthe is made up of Jake E and Elize on vocals, Olof on guitars and keys, Morten on drums and Johan on bass.  In October 2013, harsh vocalist Solveström left the band and was replaced by Henrik Englund.

Friday, 24 October 2014

New Release: Nightcreepers - Hreidd (October 2014)

Epic French folk metallers Nightcreepers released their 3rd album, Hreidd this month.  Formed in 2006 and having had numerous line up changes over the years, the band are currently made up of Haarath (guitar, vocals) Hindrik (guitar, choirs) Elrohir (bass) Vicken (drums) Evoken (keyboards, choirs) and Chiron (live orchestra).

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Heavy Thursday: A Sound Of Thunder

Sometimes life gives you a break, and sometimes life is just one long, dark Thursday of the soul. I've been a bit sporadic with my Thursday offerings of late due to one thing or another, but with renewed vigour I set out once again to showcase a band I quite like listening to. A noble cause indeed.

Every since discovering their recent release of The Lesser Key Of Solomon I've been quite taken with A Sound Of Thunder. Combining traditional, NWOBHM and power metal sounds with some distinctly proggy sensibilities, they produce a distinct, yet familiar, sound. But style and sensibilities are nothing without good songwriting, which they seem to have in spades.

But let us take a step back in time to look at how A Sound Of Thunder came to be. Way back to their early days, back to ... 2008? Yes, this is a band who have only been around for six years. They've been pretty prolific though, as we shall see.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Freshly signed on the Klonosphere label and distribued by Season of Mist, The Way I Am are a French alternative metal/rock band with intense and accessible music along with a mesmerizing trademark imagery.

Their compositions are a blend of British Rock ( Muse, Radiohead), American Alternative Metal (Deftones, Korn, Flyleaf) and movie music (Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner).

Lead vocalist and the bands visual artist recently chatted to Femetalism about the band, the artwork, the incredible music and their new EP which is due out in November.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

New Release: Vehemal - The Atom Inside

Montreal-based black metallers Vehemal released their debut album, The Atom Inside, in September this year.

Vehemal were formed by guitarist Marie-Josée Sévigny and vocalist Martine Bourque with the idea to write music from a feminist perspective. Drums on the record were performed by Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron, guitar by Daniel Simard, and bass by Anya Hallmich. Since then the line-up has changed, bringing in Guillaume Beaupré on bass, Keven Cabana on drum and Alexander L on guitar.

The band's sound combines the vocals and ferocity of black metal with clear, intricate riffs that barely slow down for a moment.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

New Release: Kalidia - Lies' Device Video

When Nicoletta Rosellini recently interviewed with Femetalism she mentioned the making of the bands first music video.  Filmed in a marble quarry near their home town, the video for Lies' Device has now been released.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thursday Feature: Taking Photos at Gigs - Etiquette and Techniques

The practice of taking pictures at gigs has exploded since the advent of the pocket-sized camera and the camera-phone. Where once was a sea of cigarette lighters, instead is a sea of square blobs of light as everyone tries to capture the moment on a piece of silicon.

My view of Epica, courtesy of the guy in front of me.
There are many who are annoyed by this practice. I am one of them, to some degree, although I am more forgiving than most. Photographs I can understand; they capture a moment and it's fun to do. Videoing the event I don't get. A live music event is right there, in front of you. If you're just going to spend the whole time faffing with a gadget only to watch it again later, without the atmosphere, lighting or volume, then what's the point even being there?

But philosophy aside, there are practical issues that need to be dealt with. These are both social and technical. Much of the etiquette of gig photography is, or at least should be, self-evident. Basically, don't get in anybody else's way, obstruct their view, or otherwise influence the event that they have paid (with money and/or time) to see. Like everything else in life, it all boils down to "don't be a dick."

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Supporting Indie Music: enkElination music video for Last Time Together

UK melodic metallers enkElination, having recently released their debut album, are now turning to the popular crowd funding platform IndieGoGo to crowd fund a music video.

The campaign opens with a video of Elena explaining the campaign along with some awesomely hilarious modelling from her and Shadow ...

INTERVIEW: Disasterhate

Described as three determined girls and a drummer, Sicilian Disasterhate recently released their thrash/death metal debut album Mirroring The Abyss.  It's a fantastic album filled with violent riffs and screaming vocals and was featured on Femetalism earlier in September.  Now here is their recent interview where we talk about the band, touring and their influences and motivations.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New Release: Lovelorn Dolls - Japanese Robot Invasion (October 2014)

Belgian industrial goth rockers Lovelorn Dolls come alive once more with the release of their second album Japanese Robot Invasion later this month.

After a much acclaimed self-released EP An Intense Feeling Of Affection and numerous concerts, the band signed with Belgian label Alfa Matrix. Their debut album The House Of Wonders was released in 2013 and is rich with somber coloured atmospheres and infectious beautiful melodies.

This year, Lovelorn Dolls return with Japaese Robot Invasion. More electro and melodic than previous releases; it explores the dark side of humanity - violence, sex, war and invasion, drugs, cancer, evil creatures.

Monday, 13 October 2014

New Release: Selene - Paradise Over (October 2014)

Northern Irish symphonic power metallers Selene will be releasing their new EP Paradise Over exclusively through Bandcamp on October 17th, followed by all major music platforms on October 24th.

Within the first week of release, their debut release Among the Frozen reached the top 15 in the Symphonic Metal, Power Metal and Gothic metal worldwide charts on Bandcamp, even managing to break the top 10 in Power metal. The Physical CD also reached number 3 in the metal category.

Friday, 10 October 2014

New Release: Jackknife Seizure - Time Of The Trilobytes Launch Gig (25th October)

London rockers Jackknife Seizure are set to for an epic launch night for their debut EP, Time Of The Trilobytes, later this month. This will coincide with a launch gig at Big Red with support from heavy metallers Brutai and groove rockers Zocalo.

Jackknife Seizure have been slowly building a reputation in north London and beyond for their groovy, progressive style. After winning the London Metal 2 The Masses competition they played a set on the Bloodstock Open Air New Blood stage, a performance we were fortunate to be able to see (and, indeed, take the photos at the top of this post). With their debut EP they hope to take this winning formula further afield to live audiences nationwide.

Time Of The Trilobytes is actually already available via Bandcamp, but if you want to see it live and in person, you'll have to make your way to Big Red on October 25th. The EP weighs in at a whopping 26 minutes, despite being only 4 tracks long, and packs enough noodling, crunching and heavy bass grooving to keep any prog, grunge or metalhead happy.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Winter In Eden Announced as headliner for Northern Symphony Festival

NORTHERN SYMPHONY FESTIVAL is the UK's first ever symphonic metal festival. The event aims to celebrate the UK's symphonic metal scene and give symphonic metal fans a chance to discover new bands within the genre.  One thing is for sure - fans can expect a wide range of symphonic inspired metal on the day! The festival is set to take place on Saturday 4th April 2015 at The Venue in Selby, North Yorkshire.

Femetalism is incredibly proud to have been asked to sponsor this ground breaking event.  The event organisers share a passion with Femetalism for promoting underground music, supporting underground bands and gender equality. We couldn't be more pleased to be supporting them further with Northern Symphony.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New Release: I:Scintilla - The War To Win (Single - October 2014)

Never happy with genre boundaries, I:Scintilla has taken its metal-infused electronica signature and drawn in elements of synth pop, trip-hop, and indie electro.  With their latest release they have also stepping into more political territory with their beautiful song The War To Win.  100% of sales will be donated to UN Women to support programs that promote women’s human rights, their economic and political empowerment and gender equality.

INTERVIEW: Eszter Anna Baumann of Ann My Guard

Hungarian heavy melodic rock metal band Ann My Guard released their debut album Innocence Decent back in April.  Lead vocalist Eszter Anna Baumann kindly spoke to us about her music, the band, the album and her influences.

Prior to Ann My Guard you recorded the demo Shards of my Mirror, where you played all instruments (except drums).  How did the decision to create a band around your music come about and how has the band come to life?

It was necessary, so to say: when I went to high school, I was always dreaming about having my own rock band. I came from a small town, and after graduation I moved to our capital city, Budapest because of my university studies. At that time I already had a 4 track demo in my pocket, and I started to search for musicians who would join me in my musical journey. The first rehearsal was one of the best moments in my life: listening to my songs, played by an entire band was absolutely amazing.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New Release: Anthology - The Prophecy (October 2014)

Slovak power metallers Anthology are due to release their second album The Prophecy this month. Formed in 2008, Anthology released their first album Exitus in 2011 and welcomed new vocalist Raylyn Shayde in 2013.  Currently the band are made up of Raylyn on vocals, Majo 'Mathias' Gonda on lead guitars, Miro 'Morety' Grman on rhythm guitars, Marek 'Marc' Štech on bass and vocals, Martin 'Maarty' Solárik on keyboards and Peter 'Pepo' Pleva on drums.

The album was released as a promo earlier in the year ahead of the official release.  The initial reception for the promo has been positive with the band reaching as far as Japan, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and in countries of Latin America.

Monday, 6 October 2014

New Release: Oh Captain! - Pistols Out (9th October 2014)

Something a little different today with the upcoming release of Pistols Out by Brighton's newest post-rock export Oh Captain! As unlikely a gathering as you could find, a performance artist, a social scientist, a drummer who works with coffee and a guitar mangling glasses salesman started a band and called it Oh Captain!, blending a diverse range of experiences and influences into a crazy mass of apocalyptic post rock goodness.

Oh Captain!'s debut album was funded by a Kickstarter campaign supported by a lot of generous fans, providing the band with the funding they needed to properly launch, promote and support the album. Also, to produce some natty merchandise. To further promote the album launch Oh Captain! are engaging in various promotional activities, including giveaways and streaming, leading up to the launch night at The Hope in Brighton on October 9th.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Northern Oak - Of Roots And Flesh Album Launch (Photos)

Last night, October 4th, was possibly the most hotly anticipated date in the Femetalism calendar; after an eternity of waiting (well, a year), the launch gig for Northern Oak's new album Of Roots And Flesh had arrived. And a what a treat it was, with support from Back To The Sea and Regulus and a run-through of the entire album start to finish! The bands were on top form, and Northern Oak especially shone throughout the evening in what is possibly the finest performance I have ever seen them play.

As usual I took my trusty camera along, so here is a very short summation of the evening in photographic form. The full photo album is available on our photo page, but here are a few highlights.

Friday, 3 October 2014

INTERVIEW: Gemma Fox of Collibus

Bloodstock - Sabrina Ramdoyal Photography

It's been a hectic year for Collibus; not only have they released their debut album, The False Awakening, they've also been touring it at festivals all over the place. We are very excited to have been able to talk to Gemma Fox, Collibus's lead singer, about her involvement with the band, about her own band DamageScape, and what it's like being in the musical spotlight.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Extreme Thursday: Dehydrated

It's a busy old time here at Femetalism towers, and the impending dread of Thursday doesn't make things any easier. After a short break last week we're back with something a little heavier, a little louder and a little bit growlier.

This week we are taking a peek at Dehydrated, a death metal band from Tomsk in Russia. A 6 year career has seen them produce three EPs, two albums and three videos of proper death metal. Formed in 2008 from the remains of Komitet, vocalist Irina Sidenko and bassist Evgeniy Zimin joined forces with Evgen Tsibulin on guitar to form Dehydrated and bring Dehydrated to life.

By 2010 and with the help of drummer Alexey Ablaev the band had produced their first EP entitled Suffering From Mummification. Three monstrous, chugging death metal tracks with names like Blood And Suffering and the eponymous Dehydrated set the band's agenda early on.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bandcamp Series: Flowing River - Inner Strength EP (2013)

UK based band Flowing River released their 5 track EP  Inner Strength in 2013 following their single Poison Rose in 2010.

The songs on this EP are delicate with a distinctive hard edge.  Some elements remind me of early Lacuna Coil, some elements just stand out as totally unique.  All tracks have a delightful quality to them and have resulted in the repeat function being consistently enabled on my iPod.