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INTERVIEW: Enemy of Reality

Symphonic metallers Enemy of Reality released their debut album Rejected Gods in June 2014 and since then have played Metal Female Voices Festival and been announced for Dames of Darkness Festival here in the UK for 2015.  Lead vocalist Iliana Tsakiraki was kind enough to talk to Femetalism about the band, the album, the live performances and coming to the UK along with a load of other interesting stuff.

Tell us a little about Enemy of Reality and each of your members?

Enemy of Reality is a joining of regal forces that finally occurred in 2013 in Athens, Greece by me, guitarist Steelianos, keyboardist Marianthi, bassist Thanos and drummer Philip Stone.

How did you decide on the name Enemy of Reality?

Let me put it this way. Life doesn't always treat us well. Modern society has created many problems for our generation. Instead of focusing on fixing what 's wrong around us, poverty, wars, poor education systems and so much more, we have established a certain way of life, have neglected the essence of our existence and our spirit, and base our lives around material possessions. We've been raised believing we'll become what we've been fed by popular culture and end up with psychological issues, stress, and disappointment. In the end,by thinking in this way we 've become our own enemy. Reality can sometimes be generous, but on most occasions it 's disappointing. And οn these occasions people have to fight against it, in order to make our short lives better and the world around us as well.

How would you describe your sound?

Symphonic metal sound with progressive, dark elements.

What motivates you to create your music?

The need to express ourselves. The need to do what we love and dress it up with elements of our personalities. This is the main reason Enemy Of Reality exist.

Where have you drawn your musical influences from for the band?

Each member has a wide variety of musical influences. I enjoy symphonic metal, Nightwish, Leave’s Eyes etc, classical music and some heavier bands as well such as Septic Flesh and Machine Head for instance. Phil listens to grindcore a lot, though he enjoys classic rock as well. Anything with brutal drumming will do the job! Thanos likes different genres of metal, from power to black - bands such as Symphony X, Rage, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Stream of Passion. Marianthie is the most progressive listener, enjoys Dream Theater and Symphony X a lot, as well as classical music above everything. Steelianos listens to classic heavy, power and guitar oriented music, but also listens to greek folk music a lot, rempetika and whatnot. I guess we all love Nevermore.

You released your debut album Rejected Gods earlier this year. Can you tell us about the album?

The main lyricist of the band is Thanos, but J. Vavanatsos has written 3 songs' lyrics and Steelianos the lyrics for the ballad of the album. Generally there is a common denominator in the lyrics of the album. If you think about it, all songs implied there are two sides to every story. We basically outline our problematique, some different sides of a problem or a theory. Some songs talk about emotions, or situations that anyone can be a part of at a moment in his life. There are 4 songs based on the mythos of Orpheus and Eurydice, from the death of her and passing of her soul to Hades (Her Descending Ghost), Orpheus attempt to bring her back to the world of the living (The Bargaining), the tragic mistake he made while returning with her,where he lost her forever once again (Grief Divine) and finally his death (Torn Apart) As for the album art, it was created by the French artist Pierre Alain- D. It 's obviously inspired by the ancient Greek mythology,as we can see a version of Medusa, the mythological creature, rising out of the sea.

You have also recently released the video for Needle Bites feat Ailyn Gimenez from Sirenia. How did this collaboration come together and how was the experience?

We all loved Needle Bites from the first moment, as well as Aylin herself. It's a little complicated but easy to listen at the same time. There are intense melodies which created intense feelings to us, so it was definitely one of the tracks we'd use for a video clip when we first thought about it. It 's not our 'catchier' tune on the record, so this is a proof of all those I mentioned before. It was really easy to collaborate in terms of the video clip as well with Ailyn as she 's an amazing person, so that was really helpful for us. The experience was amazing, she 's so easy-going and we'll always remember the days she was here. We're very happy that our collaboration will be remembered on this video, so we'll always remember those great (and sometimes funny) scenes of the shootings.

You performed at Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium this year. This must have been a great experience for you?

Every time I step on the MFVF stage I 'm getting the same chill. It 's one of the best experiences I've ever lived, this particular festival and I 'm very happy and lucky that I was able to live it, and I probably will again. The people are always so warm and loving! After all this time I've met many people that travel from very far - USA, Mexico etc. and it 's really amazing that I've seen them for 3 years in a row! I was really eager to present Rejected Gods with the guys on this show and see the people's reactions! I was moved. I thank them all very much, one by one in person because the festival is mostly about its people.

We were really excited to hear you would be playing Dames of Darkness here in the UK next year alongside bands including Sirenia. You must be really looking forward to this?

I'm also very eager, as well as the rest of the band for this live show!!! It's our first visit to England and playing at such a festival is the dream of a lifetime! I've heard the best for the festival and the fans by my friends Skeptical Minds and Jaded Star! We're hoping that the DoD fans will welcome Rejected Gods in the UK!

So, what is next for Enemy of Reality?

We want to perform as much as we can and give it our best, meeting new people and growing our fan base. We've already began pre-producing our next album, the standards are very high and we need to be devoted as much as possible to give it our best! Thank you very much for everything, most of all for your time!

Huge thanks to Iliana for talking to Femetalism.  We are looking forward to welcoming you to the UK in May and hearing the new music you are working on.

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