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This week we welcome Greek symphonic metal band Meden Agan to the site in this recent interview with the band.  They released their third full-length album, Lacrima Dei in September 2014.  With a new line up and a strong album release under their belts, Meden Agan are striving to reach even further in 2015.

Tell us a little about Meden Agan and each of your members?

[Diman]: The band was originally formed back in 2005 while I was studying music in France. After several line-up changes and fluctuations between different music styles we managed to have a stable line-up when we recorded our previous album "Erevos Aenaon" in 2011. With the exception of the lead singer who was replaced by Maya Kampaki in mid 2013, the rest of the members are still the same i.e. me on the guitars, Tolis -Keys, Aris - Bass and Panos -Drums. Me and Panos knew each other since high school, Tolis was a friend of Panos and Aris was introduced to me by a friend of mine. This is how everything glued together :)

How did you decide on the name Meden Agan?

[Diman]: I love things related to Ancient Greece. "Meden Agan" is a phrase  found in the temple of Delphi in Greece and it means "nothing in excess". For us this is a way of life meaning working hard, setting realistic goals and keeping a low profile. I think it fits perfectly the  mentality of the band.

How would you describe your sound?

[Panos]: “Lacrima Dei” could be described as a symphonic/melodic metal album with progressive elements. There is great variety regarding the songs since we didn’t have a certain plan while composing the material like “let’s try to make them sound like this etc”. In comparison to “Erevos Aenaon”, our previous album, we are moving away from the - wrongly interpreted by some people - “gothic” style of the band adopting a more modern approach.

What motivates you to create your music?

[Diman]: Certainly not money :) Music is our hobby, our passion. We all are metal fans and we love creating music and since there are people out there who like it and have really become fans of the band, this motivates us even more to deliver a nice overall result.

Where have you drawn your musical influences from for the band?

[Diman]: This is hard to say since there is a great mixture of influences and personal favorites in our music. Every member brings in its own musical taste and ideas which we try to incorporate in our music in the best way possible. We certainly love many bands of our genre such as Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation etc, but we try not to sound like them and create instead our own personal sound.

The band has had some line-up changes over the years.  Most recently, it took 5 months to audition and select a replacement vocalist for the band,  What was it you were looking for that took so long to find?

[Panos]: That's true. The overall process lasted around 5 months and during that time we had the chance to listen to many beautiful and interesting voices and we would really like to thank everyone who participated in the auditions for their time. What we were looking for was a mixture of things i.e. not just the "best" voice but someone who has a beautiful voice, is able to participate in the composition of the songs, finding vocal lines etc and also having a nice personality and is able to fit with the rest of the members . We believe that Maya was the right choice :)

It was clearly worth the wait, but how do you feel the new line-up is working for the band and how has it shaped the music on your new album, Lacrima Dei?

[Diman]: So far everything is great. As I said before all of the members with the exception of Maya are together for many years so we know how everyone is working while composing or recording an album and what he has to offer and this was very helpful. Maya although she wasn't much experienced with that process, she managed however to perform great both in terms of singing and providing her bits and pieces to the final form of the songs.

You released Lacrima Dei earlier this year. Can you tell us about the album? (eg lyrical themes, who wrote the songs etc).

[Panos]: The album was released on September the 22nd by No Regrets, a Greek record company. The main composer is Diman - our guitarist; Tolis (keys) contributed also in several songs. The lyrics in the new album are mainly credited on me and are dealing with human existence and describe several aspects of it like the loss of beloved ones (“Loss”), they explore the journey of the soul after death (“Web of shadows”), inner struggles (“Everlasting pain”) etc. This is not officially a concept album although the lyrics are focused in a specific direction. This was not done intentionally I assure you :)

The album art is particularly striking with incredible detail. What was the meaning behind this imagery?

[Diman]: We are really satisfied regarding the overall artwork of the album. The main idea was proposed by the band but it was the designer (Manster Design) who managed to convert it into images. It has to do with the never-ending battle between narrow-minded faith and skepticism and contains many symbolisms like the bird that represents the free will/thinking, the little girl impersonating the "weak" human being and so on...

What do you enjoy most about performing live and do you have a favourite song to sing?

[Maya]: I enjoy being with people who like our music and the overall ability to play our songs and express ourselves on stage. Some of my favourite songs from the new album which I enjoy singing live are "Portal of Fear" and "Divine Wrath".

Is there somewhere in the world you have yet to visit that you would like to tour?

[Diman]: Touring in such places for underground bands like us is just a dream BUT if we had to choose I'd say somewhere in Asia...maybe Japan :)

So, what is next for Meden Agan?

[Diman]: We are still trying to make the band known to a broader audience and we hope this may happen with our new album. Apart from that we have already started working on new material and rehearsing for some upcoming lives.

Thank you a lot for this interview and support :)

Thanks to Meden Agan for talking to Femetalism.  We really enjoyed Lacrima Dei and look forward to hearing more of you this year and beyond!

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