Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Black Mass & Femetalism Presents: All Female Fronted Line Up - South Sea, Sheffield, Sunday February 22nd 2015

Sunday 22nd February sees South Sea Live in our very own home city of Sheffield, play host to a fantastic female-fronted line up.  We were really pleased to be asked to sponsor this event and are incredibly excited to support such an event on our own doorstep.

The line up is pretty impressive to be honest and so if you haven't come across these bands before, let me take you on a quick whistle stop tour.


First up is Lyxx, an all girl, hard rock band from North East England. They were crowned winners of the Manchester Hard Rock Rising competition in 2012 and have recently worked with the world famous writer/musician/producer Kim Fowley.

Dark Sky Park

Dark Sky Park are a Sheffield based band who play rhythmic guitar riffs that re-capture the true spirit of British rock music, catchy, innovative songs that are led by a sultry female vocalist and lead guitarist the likes of which has not been seen for an age. The resounding drums and richness of the bass add a deep unmistakeable edge to these ageless classics in the making. Drawing influences from timeless, inspirational artists such as The Beatles and David Bowie; with the heavy distinctive edge of Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden and Black Sabbath.

Lost Effect

Lost Effect are a five piece melodic metal band from York. Formed around January 2008, Lost Effect play a unique style of metal with many varied influences. With instances of straight up classic metal riffs, clean melodic passages, bang your head breakdowns, death metal roars and the odd progressive element. The band utilise a beauty and the beast style of vocals, which to quote DJ Beerman from Top Rock Radio "abuses and caresses your ears".

Soul Shredder

Sheffield based, Soul Shredder was the brainchild of lead guitarist and songwriter Stu Gibson. First formed as a jamming band back in 2003, it took until February 2009 to achieve a steady line-up and hit the stage, but all the time spent writing songs and perfecting a sound made it a memorable debut. Since that night at 'The Grapes' in Sheffield, and with only a single personnel change, the band has worked hard to keep up the standard and stay true to the music. Influenced by all that's solid and powerful about heavy rock and metal from the 70s onwards, the aim is simple; write some good songs and play them loud!

Check back here next week as we will be interviewing Soul Shredder ahead of the gig to talk about their show and what they have coming up in 2015!


Describing themselves as a 7-headed, 14-legged creation that is Aonia comprising of a dual-wield of 'sopranos with balls' as vocalists, along with shredding twin axes, symphonic keys and driving drums and bass - for fans of power metal, progressive metal and NWOBHM.

Aonia will also be appearing at this years Dames of Darkness Festival in May.

Morning Star

Rugby based, Morning Star deliver a unique sound and visual performance, The band takes influences from many different areas of music and history. The band started in early 2012. They formed from a mixture of other bands, performing a variety of styles, from pop rock to black metal. These different nuances help give Morning's Star their unique sound. Their stage show completes the package, adding the detail of their striking appearance with a light hearted but engaging show for the crowd.

Bad Pollyanna

Bad Pollyanna represents a mix of both beauty and darkness. Based in Huddersfield, the band explores and celebrates the duality of love, sex and the human condition through music and art. Bad Pollyanna believe you should be whoever you want to be and are proud to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation in conjunction with makeup brand Illamasqua.

Bad Pollyanna will also be appearing at this years Dames of Darkness Festival in May.

This event costs just £4 which is payable on the door.  Check out the event page on Facebook here and I look forward to seeing you there!

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.