Thursday, 26 February 2015

Femetalism Compilation Album Update No.1

A few weeks ago we put out a request for unsigned bands to submit tracks to a compilation album we are putting together. We expected a modest reception, but the response was overwhelming. Now, after several weeks of sorting, sifting, pondering and listening to every submission over and over again (oh, the hardship) we have come out the other side and are ready to make some announcements! 

The selection process was painfully difficult due to the volume and quality of the submissions, and it soon became clear that a single 15 track album wasn't going to cut it. We decided that that only way forward was to create a two-part release; the first on March 31st as planned and a second compilation on April 30th.

The hardest part of any project is thinking of a name, but a name we have thought of. The title of the compilation will be Forged In Stone And Steel, a name inspired by the music, by rock and metal, by strength and fortitude, and by Sheffield, the home of Femetalism. The two parts will be referred to simply as part 1 and part 2.

The artwork is being provided by Rowan Andrews, and is based on photographs of Sheffield taken by Femetalism's own Craig Andrews. The artwork for part 1 focuses on the stone element, and the artwork for part 2 will focus on the steel. And today we can reveal what part 1 will look like, and what it will be made of.

Forged in Stone and Steel - Part 1


Forever Still
Soul Shredder
Fallen Symphony
Ascending Dawn
Northern Oak
Blind Saviour
April Weeps
Kill For Eden
Celestial Wish

Available: 31st March 2015
Free Download on Bandcamp.

We are incredibly excited about the compilation series and will be talking more about it over the coming weeks. Thanks to all the bands who submitted tracks and made our lives so difficult in such a good way!

Look out for further information coming soon, including more information about the featured bands and the Part 2 artwork and band list.