Monday, 16 February 2015

Femetalism Spotlight: Soul Shredder

Influenced by the heavy rock and metal bands of their youth, inspired by virtuoso musicians of every genre and compelled to carry the flag of rock music forward against a backdrop of injection moulded TV talent shows, Soul Shredder was formed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK and first hit the stage in 2009.

Now veterans of the Sheffield live metal music scene, Soul Shredder are Cookie (vocals), Stu and Tom (guitars), Ed (bass) and Rix (drums).

They released their self titled debut EP in 2011 which is available to stream from their website on Soundcloud, or can be picked up in physical form at their gigs.  It features 5 tracks:

  1. The Enemy
  2. Prepare For Annihilation
  3. Kijo
  4. The Undying Spirit
  5. Call To Arms

The band are currently working on their debut album and planning their gig diary for 2015; hoping to bring their unique melodic power metal to a wider UK audience.

On Sunday 22nd February, Soul Shredder will be playing the first Black Mass Sunday event at South Sea Live, Sheffield, that Femetalism is sponsoring - an all female-fronted line up, alongside fellow Sheffielders Black Sky Park with Lyxx, Aonia, Lost Effect, Morning Star and headliners Bad Pollyanna. Ahead of this event, Soul Shredder's Stu and Cookie answered some quick fire questions about the band, the gig and what they've got planned for 2015:

So, tell us who you are?

Stu = Collectively we are Soul Shredder, a metal band based in Sheffield, UK. Individually we are Cookie on vocals, Tom and I on the guitars, Ed on bass and Rix on drums. Tom, Ed and I are from Sheffield, Rix is from St Albans and Cookie is Indian (or Welsh depending on how much she has been drinking).

And what do you do?

Stu = We all listen to different things. Ed is into his 70s rock; Rainbow, Whitesnake etc. Tom listens to bands like Metallica and Megadeth. Cookie likes her progressive stuff like Savatage and Mercyful Fate, Rix is into heavier stuff like Meshuggah and Pantera. Personally I listen to a lot of 80s bands such as Skid Row and Yngwie Malmsteen. What we write comes out somewhere in the middle of all of that, but I guess if we were going to get pigeon-holed we would be closer to power metal than anything else. Its probably easier to just call us "metal!" We recorded an EP  a couple of years ago which is available on our website and on Soundcloud, and we are in the process of recording a full length album.

In terms of gigs, we have been gigging around Sheffield for quite a few years now. We already have a very busy couple of months coming up, we recently played a gig at the Mulberry/Dove festival in town, we are headlining at the Dove and Rainbow on the 20th February which is part of a load of gigs promoting the best of Sheffield's rock and metal scene, and we are playing the Black Mass gig on the 22nd!                          

What can the audience expect from you when they see you at the Black Mass and Femetalism Presents gig on the 22nd February?

Cookie = The audience can expect a dynamic, passionate performance delivered old school style - fast, loud and heavy. We also throw in a cheeky cover now and then, if we feel the vibe is right.

Stu = A free copy of our EP if they buy us a drink!

What do you think of the Black Mass and Femetalism Presents line up?

Stu = I hadn't heard of any of the other bands before we were asked to do the gig, but now I've had a chance to a listen to some of them I am really looking forward to seeing them live. Bad Pollyanna sound excellent, and I am looking forward to seeing Aonia. Overall all of the bands I've heard are unique so it should make for a great night!

What do you think of the metal scene at the moment in the UK?  How has it changed over the last few years?

Cookie = It's difficult to comment on the metal scene in the UK at large, but certainly the scene in South Yorkshire is waking up after a slump that saw many great venues around here shut down, and many bands we started out with have packed up their instruments and moved on. We continue to be an active part of the scene here and hope to get involved with more events like this one on the bigger UK metal stage.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Stu = Well we are currently recording the album, which will be out this year. Hopefully it will be done by the Summer. Asides from that, we are just looking to get out and gig as much as possible, especially out and about outside of Sheffield. We have already signed up to the Metal to the Masses show in Selby, with the possible outcome being a slot at Bloodstock Open Air festival.

Do you have a message you wish to pass on to our readers?

Stu = Hope you enjoy the show! Please check us out on our website, and If you do fancy a copy of our EP, I'll take a bourbon and coke please!

Thanks to Stu and Cookie for answering our quick fire questions - we are looking forward to seeing you play on the 22nd and have everything crossed for you when you compete at Metal to the Masses. Hopefully we can talk more in depth to the band when they release their album later in the year!

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.