Tuesday, 31 March 2015

INTERVIEW: Narrow House

Calling themselves Apocalyptic Doom and experimenting with countless influences, Narrow House have a unique sound which has grown and developed through the years and looks set to continue doing so. Their most recent album, Thanathonaut was featured back in August 2014 on the site and we recently had a chance to speak Yegor Ostapenko from the band to talk about the album, their live music experience, what is coming up and much more.

Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - OUT NOW

After what feels like forever, our first compilation album is available for free download from Bandcamp. Please support, share and enjoy this incredible collection of music.

Grab a copy of the album here: https://femetalism.bandcamp.com/album/forged-in-stone-and-steel-part-1


Forever Still - Scars
Severnica - Long Lost Longing
Alveole - Do You Use A Knife
Soul Shredder - The Enemy
Fallen Symphony - Breath Before Fall
Ascending Dawn - All In Now
Northern Oak - Gaia
Unseelie - Hunters' Game
Blind Saviour - Freedom Call
April Weeps - The Last Piece of Eden
Kill For Eden - Kerosene
Unveil - Hide
Scandelion - Dusk In Your Dreams
Celestial Wish - Crossing The River

On 30th April 2015, Forged in Stone and Steel Part 2 will be available for free download.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Festival Preview: Northern Symphony Festival - 4th April 2015 - Part Two

In this second part of our festival preview, we first must mention the unfortunate events which have resulted in the line-up for Northern Symphony being changed.  Firstly, due to ill health both Scandelion and Quietus have had to withdraw from the festival. They have not been replaced, and instead the other bands have had their sets extended.  Then, at the weekend, the sad news that Divided We Fall were separating effective immediately, meant that there was a slot to fill.  Spanish symphonic metallers, Rose Avalon stepped up and will be playing in their place on the Steel Opera stage at The Venue.

As for the Infernal Orchestra Stage at The Riverside, these are the bands that will be rocking out on 4th April:

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rose Avalon - Northern Strengths

Rose Avalon is a Symphonic Metal band with a powerful, current sound who originate from Barcelona, Spain.  In late 2013 they released Northern Strengths, the bands debut album which was produced by Marcel Graell at the Nowhere Music Studios. The band line up was:

Albert Agulló - Drums
Jordi V - Bass
Manu Gomez - Guitar
Oscar Lecina - Guitar
Sergio González - Keyboard
Rose Avalon - Vocals

but in early 2014 Rose Avalon continued on with only one guitarist as Manu Gomez decided to leave the band to pursue other musical avenues. The band have been working incredibly hard to have their album heard far and wide and become a prominent member of the international symphonic metal scene. Their hard work continues to pay off with an incredible amount of positive feedback for their release from a wide range of national and international press.    The band are now due to hit the UK in April with appearances at both The Quinphonic Festival and Northern Symphony Festival.

Northern Strengths is an accomplished album filled with all of the classic symphonic elements you would expect along with a unique edge that is Rose Avalon's alone. The album is well produced and filled with some beautiful symphonic metal tracks - stand outs for me are Earth and My Northern Star.

Track Listing

1. Capo Mea Fides
2. Earth
3. Life
4. Seven Hundred Mile
5. Courage And Pain
6. My Sad Martyrdom
7. Empty Hearth
8. Crystal Tears
9. From My Darkness
10. Sharing The Path Through Time
11. My Northern Star
12. The Moon Over Avalon

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Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 14 Celestial Wish - Crossing The River

Celestial Wish are a Birmingham­ based Symphonic Metal act with a sound characterised by the use of powerful orchestrations, eerie synths, angelic vocals, heavy riffs and blistering solos, which all come together to form a sound that takes the listener into their own personal dreamland, where each Celestial Wish comes true, and anything is possible.

Celestial Wish are heavily influenced by bands such as Nightwish, Kamelot, Avantasia, Rhapsody Of Fire and Sonata Arctica, however, their list of influences goes far beyond the Metal genre, among their list of influences are Nobuo Uematsu, of Final Fantasy fame, Danny Elfman and Richard Wagner. All of these inspirations have come together to form a powerful sound that one might describe as majestic, or epic.

Crossing The River is taken from the bands EP Our Creation.

Celestial Wish are:

Saneeta Ram - Vocals
Daniel Carpenter - Guitar & Orchestral Composer
Fraser Banks - Bass
Michael Brush - Drums

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Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 13 Scandelion - Dusk In Your Dreams

Scandelion pushes past the normal confines of genres and “labels” with their unique and refreshing approach that can only be described as “brutally beautiful”. Formed in 2002 by Jorge Afonso, Scandelion takes its name from the ruins of a greek fortress on the coast of Jerusalem. The band released their first demo in 2005 and their first album “The Pureheart’s Breed’ in 2008.

Three albums later, 2014 saw a dramatic lineup change following a relocation to the UK. Jorge was first joined by guitar virtuoso Fabrizio Ferraro. Then came bassist Hallam Smith, then singer Nina Dysis, and lastly drummer James Chapman. Scandelion transformed their sound of their roots into something far more aggressive and powerful. Their latest album “Nonsense” released in 2014 shows a darker, more intense incarnation of the band; showing that they can move seamlessly into the more extreme styles of metal while retaining their symphonic and doom metal influences.

Dusk In Your Dreams is taken from the bands 2014 Nonsense album.

Scandelion is:

Jorge Afonso - Keyboards & Vocals
Fabrizio Ferraro - Guitar
Hallam Smith - Bass
James Chapman - Drums
Nina Dysis - Vocals

Recording members for Dusk in your Dreams:

Jorge Afonso - Keyboards & Vocals
Natalia Falcón - Female Vocals
Pablo Guerrero - Guitars
Coré Ruiz - Bass

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 12 Unveil - Hide

The story begins in 2004. Alain Robitaille, Éric Lee and Éric Pomerleau join forces with one objective in mind: to play their own music. They start by forging their sound rocking the local club scene, sharing the stage with many bands including Unexpect and Stream of Passion. In 2010, they present “The Story of Sarah”, a short film included within a rock concert, on which the band collaborates with a local folk-rock singer named Joëlle Nolin. Her unique voice and energy give Unveil a new drive and she is asked to become the official lead singer.

Her trademark vocal style is now part of the Unveil sound. 2013 saw the release of Codex Noctem, a first EP featuring some of the band’s most road tested material. This collection of original songs, inspired by vampires, solitude and the secrets of the night, got rave reviews from both sides of the Atlantic. Go ahead and give in. Dare to Unveil.

Hide is taken from the bands first EP Codex Noctem.

Unveil is:

Joëlle Nolin - Vocals
Alain Robitaille – Guitar / Vocals
Éric Lee – Bass / Backing Vocals
Éric Pomerleau - Drums

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Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 11 Kill For Eden - Kerosene

Kill For Eden is a London based hard rock band. Influences include Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and The Cult’s solid riffs, Blondie’s instant melody and Garbage‘s contemporary mix of pop hooks and rebel attitude.

They've been gigging around England promoting their debut album released in May 2013 and an EP released in November 2013. The band are currently in pre-production for their second album due 2015.

Kerosene is taken from the bands self-titled debut album

Kill For Eden is:

Lyla D'Souza - Vocalist
Dave Garfield – Guitar
Mike McGuinness – Bass
Wally Miroshnikov - Drums

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Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 10 April Weeps - The Last Piece of Eden

APRIL WEEPS is an atmospheric metal band from Slovakia that was formed in 2010 in a town called Dunajská Streda. In September 2012 they recorded their debut album, "Outer Calm, Pain Within", and self-released it in February 2013. The lyrics are mainly inspired by life itself. They focus on the individual with his attitudes, belief and fears, reactions to difficult life situations and coping with everyday challenges. Musically, it incorporates a lot of synths along with gothic metal, doom metal, symphonic metal and melodic death metal.

In August 2014, the band released its first promotional music video for the song “The Last Piece Of Eden”. After that they were the opening act for XANDRIA, held their first mini-tour that took place almost completely in the Czech Republic and, in 2015, they were the opening act for IN MOURNING Krakow gig during their Poland Tour 2015. APRIL WEEPS is currently working on the songs for the second album.

The Last Piece of Eden is taken from their upcoming new album and was the bands first music video.

April Weeps is:

N – Growls
Marta - Vocals
Dex– Guitars
Doki – Guitars
Tosho – Bass
Roland – Drums
Stronghold – Atmospherics

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Friday, 27 March 2015

INTERVIEW: Synergy Protocol

In one months time Synergy Protocol will be hitting the stage here in Sheffield as part of their Chaos Tour in the UK.  Synergy Protocol are a hard working progressive metal band from Holland with a strong desire to bring their intricate and heavy sound to our British shores.

Femetalism was honoured to be asked to support the tour and are looking forward to heading down to the Sheffield and Wakefield gigs.

Before Synergy Protocol get to the UK, they spoke to Femetalism about the band, the tour and their plans for the future in this extensive interview.

Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 9 Blind Saviour - Freedom Call

Blind Saviour can lay claim to be Malta's only fully fledged Power Metal band. The current line up was completed in 2013 and since then the band have played several gigs and local metal festivals. Lightning fast double bass drum rhythms, twin-lead harmonies, catchy sing-a-long refrains and orchestral textures are all combined in an elegant and exciting blend. The powerful and varied vocals together with an overall judicious use of keyboards make Blind Saviour quite a unique sounding band within the female fronted metal scene.

The band have been working to release their 10 track debut album which is centred around a story line featuring characters and places in a post-apocalyptic setting created by the band itself. Here one finds a few of the popular themes associated with this musical style a clearly defined good vs evil plot and the inclusion of epic battles between surviving human clans and their robot oppressors.

Their track Freedom Call is taken from their upcoming debut album.

Blind Saviour is:

Rachel Grech - Vocals
Aldo Chircop – Guitars / Keyboards
Campos Gellel - Guitars
Karl Friggieri - Bass
Robert Frigggieri - Drums

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Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 8 Unseelie - Hunters' Game

Unseelie were founded at the end of 2010 in Paris, with a strong reference to the gothic metal aesthetics. Profound and intense, full of emotion, the band's music combines mysticism with modernity, darkness with a dreamlike atmosphere, powerful riffs with haunting melodies and electro beats. It is also a world made of myths and symbols, those languages we will never finish deciphering. It is an invitation to immerse oneself in the dark beauty of the Unseelie courts, these ominous fairies who might still be hiding in the back streets of our megalopolis.

Unseelie released their first EP Unholy light in 2012. In August 2013 they started to compose an ambitious concept album entitled URBAN FANTASY, crowd funded via Indiegogo. The success of this fundraising enabled the band to enter the studio in July with a confident state of mind. After more than a year of gestation, the album and its extensions (photo book, short story...) were officially released on December 1st 2014 and they received very positive feedback within the metal scene and beyond.

Hunter's Game is taken from the concept album Urban Fantasy.

Unseelie is:

Anne-Emmanuelle Fournier - Lyrics / Vocals
Marc Chevallereau - Guitars / Synths

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Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 7 Northern Oak - Gaia

Northern Oak are a progressive folk metal band from Sheffield, UK. They are known for their ability to weave vicious black metal riffs with haunting flute folk melodies that stir the raw emotions lurking deep within the human soul.

Since the release of their 2010 album Monuments they have toured the country with their energetic live show. They have also played several prestigious festivals such as Bloodstock Open Air while developing and shaping their sound.

The results of this can be heard on their 2014 album Of Roots and Flesh. The album ranges from existential rage on ‘The Gallows Tree’ to a desire to see the best of humanity in ‘Of Roots and Flesh’. The listener’s ears are rewarded by a seamless blending of vocal styles and a fusion of electric and acoustic guitars, flutes, violin and melodeon parts as they are taken on a musical journey through the nature of struggle.

Gaia is taken from their new album Of Roots and Flesh.

Northern Oak is: 

Chris Mole - Guitars 
Catie Williams - Flutes / Melodeon 
Martin Collins - Vocals 
Richard Allan - Bass 
Digby Brown – Keyboards / Violin 
Paul Whibberley – Drums 

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Femetalism Compilation Update No. 2

Last month we revealed our first promotional compilation series.  Forged in Stone and Steel will be a two part release with Part 1 due for release on the 31st March and part 2 due for release on 30th April.

This week we have been looking at the artists featured on Part 1 in a little more detail and now the first part of the compilation release is getting seriously close.

Today we can reveal the artwork and artist list for Part 2.  The artwork for this part focuses on the steel element of the compilation name, created again by Rowan Andrews, and based on photographs of Sheffield taken by Femetalism's own Craig Andrews

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 6 Ascending Dawn - All In Now

Coming together from 3 corners of the globe, Ascending Dawn has arrived with their melodic prog-metal design, fronted by Greek / Cypriot singer Marlain Angelides.

The collaboration between Marlain, Mark Weatherley (drums/guitars), Owen Rees (guitars) and Constanze Hart (bass) began in London in 2013. Marlain’s background in rock and pop yielded surprising results when demoing material over the heavily prog based music. The sound was instantly recognisable as something new: thoughtful and provocative with hard-hitting and honest lyrical themes. Their combination of pop sensibilities and metal riffs create a sound that is anthemic and hard-hitting, and totally unforgettable.

Coalesce is Ascending Dawn's debut album with a collection of 9 tracks, mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs (ex-Textures) at Split Second Sound.

All In Now is taken from the Coalesce album.

Ascending Dawn is:

Marlain Angelides – Vocals
Mark Weatherley – Drums / Guitars
Owen Rees – Guitars
Constanze Hart – Bass 

Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 5 Fallen Symphony - Breath Before Fall

Fallen Symphony is a symphonic metal band from Uruguay, South America. Formed in 2009, they worked together in their own studio to create a symphonic and gothic metal project. Once the band lineup was complete they started to perform at various theatres, gathering a strong fan base, keen to hear symphonic metal from Uruguay.

In 2014, the band released their first album, Revelations. The composers wanted to express different influences of the band such as folk, Celtic, symphonic and power metal. The concept for the album was the fantastic and epic story created by the members of the band.

In 2015, they will release a second album named Moonspell, which will tell the story of one character from Greek Mythology.

Breath Before Fall is taken from their first album, Revelations.

Fallen Symphony is: 

Daniel Carreras – Composition / Guitar / Growls 
Valeria Rubio – Composition / Guitar / Vocals 
Rafa Mederos – Vocals/ Growls 
Martin Cantarini – Bass 
Zhian Caballero – Drums 
Juan Jose Leyton – Composition / Keyboards 

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Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 4 Soul Shredder - The Enemy

Influenced by the heavy rock and metal bands of their youth, inspired by virtuoso musicians of every genre and compelled to carry the flag of rock music forward against a backdrop of injection moulded TV talent shows, Soul Shredder was formed in Sheffield, UK and first hit the stage in 2009.

Still just as determined, their aim remains unaltered: to write songs worthy of the packed stadiums of the past and put their energy back where it belongs, on the stage!

Soul Shredder have recorded a 5 song EP and are currently in the process of recording an album to be released in 2015.

The Enemy is taken from their demo recording.

Soul Shredder is: 

Thumri ‘Cookie’ Rogers – Vocals 
Stu Gibson – Guitars 
Tom Collinson – Guitars 
Ed Scrimshaw – Bass 
Rix Hobbs - Drums 

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Metal Over Malta - Photo Roundup

March 2015 saw the Femetalism team embark on a lovely sunny holiday in Malta for sun, sand and metal! Rather than the relaxing long weekend break one might expect from a trip to Malta, we instead spent our weekend preparing for, then experiencing, the very first Metal Over Malta festival at Chateau Buskett near Rabat in the west of the island.

Organised by main support Weeping Silence and brainchild of bassist Sean Pollacco, this first edition of Metal Over Malta was intended to just be a gig between Weeping Silence and headliners Draconian, but interest grew so big, so fast, and across so many countries that it had to be a festival!

It was an amazing weekend and the festival was fantastic. Great sets, great crowd, great atmosphere, enough beer to swim in and enough chips to feed an army. It was a night to remember.

Here are just a few of the pictures from the night. See the full set at the Metal Over Malta photo page!

Chaotic Remains

Symphonic death metal from Malta

Rising Sunset

Symphonic gothic metal from Malta



Melodic doom metal from Slovakia


Daylight Misery

Death/doom metal from Greece



Gothic doom metal from Mallorca


Weeping Silence

Gothic doom metal from Malta



Gothic doom metal from Sweden

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