Friday, 27 March 2015

Femetalism Compilation Update No. 2

Last month we revealed our first promotional compilation series.  Forged in Stone and Steel will be a two part release with Part 1 due for release on the 31st March and part 2 due for release on 30th April.

This week we have been looking at the artists featured on Part 1 in a little more detail and now the first part of the compilation release is getting seriously close.

Today we can reveal the artwork and artist list for Part 2.  The artwork for this part focuses on the steel element of the compilation name, created again by Rowan Andrews, and based on photographs of Sheffield taken by Femetalism's own Craig Andrews

Forged in Stone and Steel - Part 2


Jackknife Seizure
Burn The Void
Reign of Sirius
Bleeding Tears
Fate Prevailed
As Night Falls
Viper Arms

Available: 30th April 2015

Free Download on Bandcamp.

We are incredibly excited about the compilation series and will be talking more about it over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, download Forged in Stone and Steel - Part 1 from the 31st March for free and head back on 30th April for Part 2.