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Festival Preview: Northern Symphony Festival - 4th April 2015 - Part One

On the 4th April, the long awaited Northern Symphony Festival will finally be taking place at The Venue/Riverside in Selby, East Yorkshire.  Femetalism are incredibly excited about the event and are looking forward to seeing all the bands and all of the fans on the day.

Femetalism was pleased to be asked to be an official sponsor of the festival, which will be the UK's first Symphonic Metal Festival. The one day festival promises to be a fantastic event with a great selection of symphonic inspired metal bands.

The event organisers share a passion with Femetalism for promoting underground music, supporting underground bands and gender equality. We couldn't be more pleased to be supporting them further with Northern Symphony,

Northern Symphony Festival spans two venues, each with a stage filled with some incredible UK and international bands. Ahead of the festival here's a quick look at the line up on the Steel Opera Stage, which is being held in The Venue, Selby.

Steel Opera Stage

Winter in Eden

A dark yet beautiful cocktail of power and passion.

Their music builds from delightful symphonic instrumentals to crunching aggressive metal. It is identifiable by its compelling vocals, muscular riffs, memorable hooks, swirling keyboards with pounding bass and thunderous drums.

Winter In Eden have released three full length albums and two EP's.  This year, they headline Northern Symphony Festival as well as playing Dames of Darkness in May.


Hailing from Hull, England, Ravenage are a six-piece epic viking metal band famous for their bombastic live show and catchy folk anthems.

Featuring Elliot Vernon of Alestorm, Ravenage have taken the UK by storm with two highly praised appearances at Bloodstock Open Air festival, along with a multitude of unforgettable headlining and support shows and festivals.

Ravenage have released an EP and full length album which have been well received by both national and international press, leading to Ravenage being chosen as the support for such international touring artists as Týr and Negura Bunget.

Control The Storm

Control The Storm are a melodic metal band based in the UK. Offering unforgettable melodies, an astounding double assault of dual guitars, atmospheric keys and the hard hitting rhythm section that modern metal heads crave.

Control The Storm were awarded a slot on Bloodstock Festival’s ‘New Blood’ stage in 2012 after winning Reading’s ‘Metal To The Masses’ competition. Their 2010 debut EP was well received by a growing fan base and their new album was released in February 2015.

Watch out world, there’s a storm brewing!


Apparition is a female vocal metal project created by David Homer in 1997. Over the years many musicians have worked on it, but it is more than a studio project. As a band, Apparition have played live many times supporting some very well known bands such as Delain, Revamp, Sirenia and ex Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen with all shows receiving great reviews.

As a studio project a demo called ‘The Pain Lives On’ was written and recorded in 1997 featuring Rebecca Tibbit on vocals. In 2006, the debut album ‘Drowned in Questions’ was released featuring Annabelle Harris on vocals, Jen Lowe on keyboards/vocals and Richard Knight on guitar. In 2009 ‘Ghosts of The Past’ which is a compilation of new, old and demo’s songs was released featuring Fiona Creaby, Samantha Smallwood on vocals and introducing Ian Bentley on keyboards. In 2011 saw the completion of the next album which is entitled ‘For Vengeance…And For love’. The album was recorded at Priory recording studios in England and produced by Greg Chandler (Esoteric singer/guitarist) and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox studios in Finland.This album featured Mary-Ella on vocals, along with Rob Swinnerton on drums and John Yates on guitar.

In 2013 former Seduce The Heaven singer Elina Laivera became the bands guest singer for 5 shows including Kraken Festival in Belgium. American singer Grace Meridan took over as guest singer in 2014 and fronted the band at The Dames of Darkness Festival and then in the summer of 2014 former singer Fiona Creaby rejoined after 5 years away.

The band hosts the Dames of Darkness Festival which is held annually in May at The Robin, Bilston, Wolverhampton.

Rose Avalon

Rose Avalon is a Symphonic Metal band with a powerful, current sound who originate from Barcelona, Spain.  In late 2013 they released Northern Strengths, the bands debut album which was produced by Marcel Graell at the Nowhere Music Studios. The band have been working incredibly hard to have their album heard far and wide and become a prominent member of the international symphonic metal scene. Their hard work continues to pay off with an incredible amount of positive feedback for their release from a wide range of national and international press.    The band are now due to hit the UK in April with appearances at both The Quinphonic Festival and Northern Symphony Festival.

Seventh Sin

With powerful lyrics, symphonic tunes and a beautiful voice, Seventh Sin (NL/BE) has shown, both on and off stage, that they belong in the top region of the female fronted metal scene. Influenced by many different bands from many different genres, yet still their own style.

Sharing the stage with (among others) Epica, Delain, Leaves Eyes, Asrai, Kamelot, Revamp and Stream of Passion gave the band a comfortable headstart. With their album "When Reality Ends" all six members are eager to dazzle The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and any other country.

Northern Symphony Festival is the second date of a 3 date tour of the UK taking in both The Roxbury, Blith and Quniphonic Festival in Birmingham.


Bringing power metal into a new era; they combine hard-hitting riffs and melodic vocal lines with pounding rhythms and fantastical lyric themes to produce a sound that will send your soul soaring. ormed during a Music Performance course at college, Powercake is a collection of friends and fellow musicians who are all about having fun and making the music that they love. Anything that comes from this is just a secondary bonus.

Next week we will have a look at the other bands playing the festival on the Infernal Orchestra Stage. In the meantime, tickets are still available and you can grab some from here:

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