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Festival Preview: Northern Symphony Festival - 4th April 2015 - Part Two

In this second part of our festival preview, we first must mention the unfortunate events which have resulted in the line-up for Northern Symphony being changed.  Firstly, due to ill health both Scandelion and Quietus have had to withdraw from the festival. They have not been replaced, and instead the other bands have had their sets extended.  Then, at the weekend, the sad news that Divided We Fall were separating effective immediately, meant that there was a slot to fill.  Spanish symphonic metallers, Rose Avalon stepped up and will be playing in their place on the Steel Opera stage at The Venue.

As for the Infernal Orchestra Stage at The Riverside, these are the bands that will be rocking out on 4th April:

Infernal Orchestra Stage


For the past decade, the 'Beasts of UK Darkness' ETHEREAL have bombarded audiences with their own unique brand of symphonic black metal. With roots dating back to the early 2000's, Ethereal have established them as one of the most exciting acts in the British black metal today. During their formative years, Ethereal released the two acclaimed underground EPs "Hells Divine Existence" and "Revelation Beast" and went on to share the stage with world class extreme metal bands such as Belphegor, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Dark Fortress - to name but a small few.

Throughout their history Ethereal have undergone a steady process of evolution and refinement, returning to the stage in 2013 with their most accomplished line-up to date, showcasing a huge musical progression and impressive live shows. This new incarnation of Ethereal has stormed stages across the UK with acts such as Gorgoroth, 1349 and Marduk, winning over fans old and new with their energetic performances and gargantuan symphonic black metal sound.

Having signed to Candlelight Records in 2014, Ethereal unleashed their debut album 'Opus Aethereum' in January 2015.

Mixed by the world renowned Wieslawski brothers at Hertz Studio, Poland, 'Opus Aethereum' showcases Ethereal's most focused, dynamic, and explosive work to date. 'Opus Aethereum' advances far beyond the sound of Ethereal's beginnings and demonstrates exactly why they have risen to become one of the leading lights in United Kingdoms extreme metal scene. The album is a sonic manifestation of darkness and chaos, an aural assault that simultaneously pays homage to and progresses beyond the blueprint of black metal.


Edenfall are a Gothic Doom band from the heart of England’s past, who emerged from the ashes in the autumn of 2009.

The idea of starting the band grew out of the relationship between the two founding members: Clare Webster (Lead Vocals) and Rob George (Guitar and Vocals) who were both drawn together by a passion for the darker aesthetics of life. Influenced by a range of weeping poets and tortured artists, Edenfall emit a truly melancholic sound that embodies all of the horror and beauty within ourselves, and the world around us.

After a couple of years of pondering the depths of misery, Edenfall released their debut album, ‘Forever Fallen’, in late 2011 which included songs such as ‘An Omen of Sorrow’, ‘In Slumber’ and ‘Beauty’. Following this, Edenfall finally graced the stage in early 2013 and have continued to play live; the line up is completed with the addition of Sean Brazil (Bass Guitar) and Marcelo Teixeira (Drums & Percussion.

Edenfall completed the recording of their second full-length studio album, 'Under Sultry Moons and Velvet Skies', which was released on the 12th May 2014 via Ravenheart Music. After received positive reviews from the press and fans, the band have gone from strength to strength having supported bands such as Hecate Enthroned and Blaze Bailey and playing at the prestigious Whitby Gothic Weekend over recent months.

Reign of Sirius

Metal Symphonique 'Best Newcomer' award nominees 2013 Reign of Sirius are a Melodic/ Symphonic Metal 6 piece band from the UK, based in Macclesfield in North West England.

Reign of Sirius was reformed as a Symphonic Metal band in 2010 after a 3 year Electronica project of the same name founded by guitarist Mayo and Vocalist Alex. It was at this point the 5 piece, consisting of Simon Mayo, Alex Blaikie, Charlie Blaikie, Dave Bridden & Jacob Lockett began putting together a collection of Melodic Metal songs with a theatrical nature based on concepts written by the band.

Ultimately working towards the goal finally achieved in 2012 with the band's début album One Child's Game, with the new 6 piece line-up of Mayo, Alex, Charlie, Jake, Tom Perry and Alex Williams. Showcasing the bands desire for heavy guitar riffs blended with epic symphonies and compositions, topped with the hard hitting screams and growls that build to the melodic and catchy choruses.The Concept is strong with that hint of darkness and theatrical story telling verses and lyrics which make the grand live shows more of an experience than you would get at your usual metal show.

The band started recording their début album/E.P One Child's Game in 2011/2012; released on Halloween 31st October 2012 complete with a new Tour. The album hit Europe very well with great reviews and interest from Italy, USA, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, Holland, Czech republic and UK to name a few. In 2012 Karma's Puppet from their One Child's Game album was featured on the ITV Drama: Homefront. Also bringing a nomination for Best Newcomer by The Metal Symphonique Awards 2013 being amongst names of bands like Nightwish, Wintersun and Kamelot who are also nominated for awards.

Reign of Sirius then released their second album 'Mirror Figures' which was a huge step up from their last album. Released in April 2014 'Mirror Figures' is the promising next step for this fresh and original band, first heard with the release of the first single from the album... Dice of Fate, released on 31st July 2013. The 8 minute plus single was more than a taster of what was to come and has shown exactly what the band can do.

Cruel Humanity

Cruel Humanity first took shape in 1997 and are a well established band whose sound has continually evolved over the time they have existed. Always hard to categorise, they take inspiration from Black, Death and Doom Metal mixing aggression with melody to generate an epic sound with huge guitar/bass tones, fast paced percussion and a good dose of synths.

Cruel Humanity have moulded their sound and carved their way into the metal scene over the years, headlining tons of gigs and making a stunning appearance centre-stage at the Bloodstock festival in 2003 which coincided with the release of their debut album, 'Creatures of Fear' on Shadowflame Productions.

After some changes in the line up, Cruel Humanity are back with new members, new songs and a craving to write and perform. The new album is being recorded and the elusive ‘Something That Bleeds’ will be released as an EP.


Hydra - a band as multi-faceted as its many headed namesake - is the new metal formation from Regensburg. Hydra released their debut album 'Malachite Skies' at the end of 2014.

Hydra was formed by Chris Diefenbach and Lisa Rieger in October 2013. The first ten songs, which primarily fall into the category of melodic metal, took shape within a matter of months. One thing was clear to both Lisa and Chris: this was song material with potential that simply had to be released. Both of the Regensburg musicians are old hands in the scene: Chris was a live guitarist for the band Burden on their 2011 Germany tour (to name one example) and Lisa has also seen many different corners of Germany with the symphonic metal band Terrateya and other musical projects.

The songs on the debut Malachite Skies are characterised by deliberate contrasts: raw metal meets soft, orchestral arrangements evocative of fairy tales and enchanting melodies. In contrast to the majority of bands in the genre the focus is not a classically trained voice. Instead, Lisa integrates her lighter, ethereal soprano into the musical tapestry, giving the band its characteristic catchy melodies.

Thematically, Malachite Skies betakes itself to diverse realms. The band moves between historical content such as the life of Cleopatra and the psychological context of the Milgram experiment, and even ventures into the realm of fantasy to visit the Palace of Tears. Added to this, the lyrics deliberately leave the listener the freedom to interpret and immerse themselves in the music in their own way.

Preparations for live shows have been going full throttle since summer 2014. The live set is ready and aspiring musicians have been found to perform Hydra's Malachite Skies onstage. First dates for the Malachite Skies tour have already been confirmed and can be found at under live.

A Clockwork Opera is the vision of guitarist and songwriter Paul Cooper: a symphonic metal soundscape inspired by the Victorian era, steampunk style and all things gothic, delivered to our audience through theatricality. Performing acoustically at open mic events, Northern Symphony will be the bands first live performance with an almost full line-up. The band have also been announced as support for Forever Still at the Black Mass Festival in Sheffield on October 25th.  Interesting fact: The band logo was designed by Rowan Andrews, who is also the artist behind our compilation album cover art.

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