Sunday, 29 March 2015

Forged in Stone and Steel Part 1 - Track 13 Scandelion - Dusk In Your Dreams

Scandelion pushes past the normal confines of genres and “labels” with their unique and refreshing approach that can only be described as “brutally beautiful”. Formed in 2002 by Jorge Afonso, Scandelion takes its name from the ruins of a greek fortress on the coast of Jerusalem. The band released their first demo in 2005 and their first album “The Pureheart’s Breed’ in 2008.

Three albums later, 2014 saw a dramatic lineup change following a relocation to the UK. Jorge was first joined by guitar virtuoso Fabrizio Ferraro. Then came bassist Hallam Smith, then singer Nina Dysis, and lastly drummer James Chapman. Scandelion transformed their sound of their roots into something far more aggressive and powerful. Their latest album “Nonsense” released in 2014 shows a darker, more intense incarnation of the band; showing that they can move seamlessly into the more extreme styles of metal while retaining their symphonic and doom metal influences.

Dusk In Your Dreams is taken from the bands 2014 Nonsense album.

Scandelion is:

Jorge Afonso - Keyboards & Vocals
Fabrizio Ferraro - Guitar
Hallam Smith - Bass
James Chapman - Drums
Nina Dysis - Vocals

Recording members for Dusk in your Dreams:

Jorge Afonso - Keyboards & Vocals
Natalia Falcón - Female Vocals
Pablo Guerrero - Guitars
Coré Ruiz - Bass

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