Monday, 9 March 2015

New Release: Endlesshade - Wolf Will Swallow The Sun

Fledgling blackened death/doom band Endlesshade released their debut album Wolf Will Swallow The Sun last February on Rain Without End records. It follows their debug single, titled "7".

The music consists of alternating parts of ferocious death metal and slower, doomier moments that are tied together with the thunderous growl of vocalist Natallia Androsova. The doomy moments are fantastically produced, combining a low, chugging menace from guitar and drums overlaid with a melody from the keys, often mixing in spoken, whispered or softly sung clean vocals for atmosphere. And just as soon as you've got used to the quiet moment a death metal attack with chugging guitars and thundering drums launches itself at your ears.

The more death metal parts are overwhelmingly centred around Nataliia's immense roar, and it really works to tie the parts together. The range of styles and tones used in each section of the songs means that, at times, the vocals must come to the fore. It's quite astonishing just how much energy and passion come from the death growls, the instruments giving it texture and rhythm.

Endlesshade’s lineup consists of Nataliia Androsova on vocals, Michael Chuga and Yury Politko on guitars, Angelus on bass, Artem Ivanov on drums and Olga Bedash on keyboards. Of the album, the band’s promotional material says this:
There are things in the endless dark, creatures which haunt us and our soul, wandering in our nightmares. Here it is a wolf, a black biest consuming all light and life, pushing the existence towards death and misery.
The album consists of six tracks, none under eight minutes, starting with the shortest in Post Mortem and ending with the 10:22 epic Truth Untold. The full track list runs as follows:

  1. Post Mortem
  2. 7
  3. Wolf Will Swallow The Sun
  4. Noctambulism
  5. Edge
  6. Truth Untold 
The album is available as a pay-what-you-like download or in CD jewel case or digipak from Bandcamp or the Naturmacht page for Endlesshade.

Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews.