Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rose Avalon - Northern Strengths

Rose Avalon is a Symphonic Metal band with a powerful, current sound who originate from Barcelona, Spain.  In late 2013 they released Northern Strengths, the bands debut album which was produced by Marcel Graell at the Nowhere Music Studios. The band line up was:

Albert Agulló - Drums
Jordi V - Bass
Manu Gomez - Guitar
Oscar Lecina - Guitar
Sergio González - Keyboard
Rose Avalon - Vocals

but in early 2014 Rose Avalon continued on with only one guitarist as Manu Gomez decided to leave the band to pursue other musical avenues. The band have been working incredibly hard to have their album heard far and wide and become a prominent member of the international symphonic metal scene. Their hard work continues to pay off with an incredible amount of positive feedback for their release from a wide range of national and international press.    The band are now due to hit the UK in April with appearances at both The Quinphonic Festival and Northern Symphony Festival.

Northern Strengths is an accomplished album filled with all of the classic symphonic elements you would expect along with a unique edge that is Rose Avalon's alone. The album is well produced and filled with some beautiful symphonic metal tracks - stand outs for me are Earth and My Northern Star.

Track Listing

1. Capo Mea Fides
2. Earth
3. Life
4. Seven Hundred Mile
5. Courage And Pain
6. My Sad Martyrdom
7. Empty Hearth
8. Crystal Tears
9. From My Darkness
10. Sharing The Path Through Time
11. My Northern Star
12. The Moon Over Avalon

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.