Saturday, 25 April 2015

Forged in Stone and Steel Part 2 - Track 4 Burn The Void - Wrong Side Of My Mind

Burn The Void are a UK band formed in late 2010 by guitarist Steve Peril and bassist Nicky Rogerson. The idea from the start was to create a sound, which brought together their NWOBHM influence, merged with more modern elements of the rock and metal genres. This idea was finally realised when they released their debut self titled EP in 2011, including popular songs ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Embrace The Night’. The response they received was more than they anticipated and their following started to grow around the world. They were achieving recognition in the UK, USA, Europe and Russia, even accomplishing high standing positions in the Myspace Rock/ Metal music charts against fully established bands at the time.

The band continued to write and gig throughout 2011 until early 2012 when the line up parted ways. Steve and Nicky continued to write and in October 2012 the band was reborn, with the introduction of Doogle Hill on guitar and Londa Ntotila on lead vocals. With this new line up came a new musical direction for them. Fusing together the rich classic rock and metal sound of their past, with soaring classical-styled vocals, the music has found its unique edge.

Burn The Void is:

Steve - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Nicky - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals 
Doogle - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Londa - Lead Vocals

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