Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Forged in Stone and Steel Part 2 - Track 13 Alwaid - Lacus Somniorum

Alwaid is a melodic metal band from Lille, France, which was founded in 2010. Within a few months, the first songs were written and the band played its first gigs in local bars. The band's first demo was released in the course of the summer 2012. The year 2013 was dedicated to live shows before the band hit the studio to record their first album "Lacus Somniorum", which was released in March 2014. An intense promotion tour then took Alwaid around the north of France, Belgium and the UK.

The band was named after a star that evokes a nocturnal and oniric world, and each track of this album tells its own story, following the different stages of sleep, from waking to unconsciousness, from insomnia to nightmares. The band strives to create a diversity of atmospheres, sometimes relying on symphonic structures and sometimes on more aggressive heavy metal guitars, not forgetting a number of darker pieces when male growls combine with the melodic female vocals.

Lacus Somniorum is the title track from Alwaid's 2014 album.

Alwaid are:

Marie Perrier – Vocals
Simon Lamarcq – Bass
Max Renard – Guitar & Grunts
Alexis Godel – Guitar
Laurent Feisthauer – Keyboards
Marceau Canis – Drums

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