Thursday, 30 April 2015

Synergy Protocol UK Chaos Tour Photos

This week Synergy Protocol made their way from the Netherlands to play their UK Chaos Tour. Supported by UK based The Last Of Us, the tour has so far taken in Ilfracombe, Redhill, Sheffield, Wakefield, Northampton and Evesham, with Wellingborough and Neath still to go. Femetalism have been supporting the band on this tour and were really pleased to be able to see them perform in both Sheffield and Wakefield.  

Synergy Protocol were incredibly energetic, enthusiastic and utterly fantastic. The whole performance was well put together and the band clearly work well together; playing each others instruments, carrying out some gymnastics and generally fooling around, whilst also blasting out some of the best progressive metal I have heard in a long time. The paper aeroplanes were a lovely touch to throw about during Flight From Terra and attracted lots of crowd participation.

In an unexpected turn of events Laura has announced that she will be leaving the band in the very near future. There are still two dates left on the UK tour (Wellingborough and Neath) so, if you have a chance to see them, make sure you do!

Here are some photos I captured on Tuesday night in Wakefield.  See the full set on out photo page

Synergy Protocol

The Last Of Us