Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bandcamp Series: Down To Hell - V Zajatí Temnoty (December 2014)

Down to Hell is a metal band from Malacky, Slovakia, established in 2006, and playing melodic/symphonic black metal. The band are made up of: Kani Miroslav Gajdár on guitar, scream and growl, Ťapo Martin Matlovič on guitar, Maťa Martina Bilkovičová on clean vocals, Lubo Ľubomír Müller on keyboards, Miro Miroslav Hulka on bass guitar and Bensfúr Dušan Šelc on drums.

In 2014 they recorded their debut album V Zajatí Temnoty in M2 Recording Studio in Skalica and in December 2014 it was released.  The tracks are all performed in Slovak and use harsh blackened male vocals with a much softer female vocal.  This is complimented with captivating melodies and memorable guitar riffs.  I love the use of keyboards in metal to create atmosphere and Down To Hell use this to great effect.

The album featured 9 tracks:
  1. Ticho pred búrkou
  2. Pán vetra, búrky a mrakov
  3. Skazení
  4. Bosorské sólo
  5. Krvavé jazero
  6. Prízrak
  7. Smrť
  8. Nemŕtva nevesta
  9. Drak
The album is available to purchase from Bandcamp for just 5 Euros:

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