Friday, 15 May 2015

Black Mass & Femetalism Presents: All Female Fronted Line Up Part 2 - South Sea Live, Sheffield, Sunday 31st May 2015

On 31st May 2015, South Sea Live will play host to the next instalment of the hugely successful Black Mass and Femetalism Presents: A Celebration of Female Fronted Bands. The event will double as the last night of the Aonia and Alwaid Sunset Symphony UK tour and promises to be another incredible evening.

Let's have a quick look through the line up!


Evyltyde are a British metal band based in and around the London area who bring the sound of traditional, classic metal into the modern age with a mix of killer riffs, searing power chords and melodic vocals. They released their self-titled debut album in January 2015.

Chasing Dragons

Leeds based Chasing Dragons are a sprawling beast that incorporate frenetic post-hardcore bursts of penetrating guitars, thunderous vocals and a titan-esque rhythm section; all which entwine with moments of alt-metal, hard rock with a defining punk undercurrent. They released their debut EP, Checkmate in June 2014.


Describing themselves as a 7-headed, 14-legged creation that is Aonia comprising of a dual-wield of 'sopranos with balls' as vocalists, along with shredding twin axes, symphonic keys and driving drums and bass - for fans of power metal, progressive metal and NWOBHM. They released their Sunchaser EP in 2014 and this Sheffield date will be the final UK in a string of dates Aonia are undertaking with Alwaid before heading out on a European tour together later in the year.

Aonia appear on Femetalism's Forged in Stone and Steel compilation series.


Lyxx are an all girl, hard rock band from North East England. They were crowned winners of the Manchester Hard Rock Rising competition in 2012 and have recently worked with the world famous writer/musician/producer Kim Fowley. They have unfortunately decided to call it a day after they complete their already booked dates, so get down to see them here if you want to catch them live.


Alwaid is a melodic metal band from Lille, France. The band strives to create a diversity of atmospheres, sometimes relying on symphonic structures and sometimes on more aggressive heavy metal guitars, not forgetting a number of darker pieces when male growls combine with the melodic female vocals. This Sheffield date will be the final UK in a string of dates Alwaid are undertaking with Aonia before heading out on a European tour together later in the year.

Alwaid appear on Femetalism's Forged in Stone and Steel compilation series.

Soul Shredder

Sheffield based, Soul Shredder was the brainchild of lead guitarist and songwriter Stu Gibson. First formed as a jamming band back in 2003, it took until February 2009 to achieve a steady line-up and hit the stage, but all the time spent writing songs and perfecting a sound made it a memorable debut. Since that night at 'The Grapes' in Sheffield, and with only a single personnel change, the band has worked hard to keep up the standard and stay true to the music. Influenced by all that's solid and powerful about heavy rock and metal from the 70s onwards, the aim is simple; write some good songs and play them loud! They released their EP back in 2012 and are currently working on material for a new album.

Soul Shredder appear on Femetalism's Forged in Stone and Steel compilation series.

Control The Storm

Control The Storm are a melodic metal band based in the UK. Offering unforgettable melodies, an astounding double assault of dual guitars, atmospheric keys and the hard hitting rhythm section that modern metal heads crave.

Control The Storm were awarded a slot on Bloodstock Festival’s ‘New Blood’ stage in 2012 after winning Reading’s ‘Metal To The Masses’ competition. Their 2010 debut EP was well received by a growing fan base and their new album was released in February 2015.

Lost Effect

Lost Effect are a five piece melodic metal band from York. Formed around January 2008, Lost Effect play a unique style of metal with many varied influences. With instances of straight up classic metal riffs, clean melodic passages, bang your head breakdowns, death metal roars and the odd progressive element. The band utilise a beauty and the beast style of vocals, which to quote DJ Beerman from Top Rock Radio "abuses and caresses your ears".

Arcane 39

Arcane 39 are a New Wave/Alternative rock band from Middlesbrough that formed in 2012. The band wear their varied influences on their sleeves creating a tightness only to be found with bands used to gigging on a regular basis. Emma writes songs based on her life experiences which are straight to the point, cheeky, quirky, definitely no slushy love songs, and made with a true DIY ethic.

Tickets can be bought in advance for just £4 + booking fee from here.  It's going to be a great night and we will of course be there and hope to see you there too! Keep your eyes peeled as there will be another two events over the course of 2015 PLUS the Black Mass Festival in October which will feature an all female fronted Sunday line up!

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.