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Originating from the coast of British Columbia, Canada, symphonic metal artist LEAH recently released her much anticipated new album Kings and Queens. LEAH has had success in gaining thousands of fans around the globe, just through her online presence and social media, despite never having done a tour. International fans call her The Metal-Enya due to her ethereal ballads, folk-tales, mysterious world instrumentation and operatic blast beats.

Femetalism had an opportunity to talk to Leah about her album, her music career and some of her plans for the future in this short interview.

Hi Leah - thanks for taking the time to be interviewed.  Can you introduce yourself to the Femetalism readers?

Thank you for having me. I'm LEAH, a symphonic metal songwriter from Canada!

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is rooted in symphonic rock and metal with a twist of Celtic, fantasy and World music influences. I like a hint of the exotic.

What have been your main influences or styles?

I think my music is classified in the umbrella genre of symphonic rock or metal, but I am influenced by so many things; particularly Celtic folk and other ethnic folk music, even Middle Eastern instruments. There is no limit to what might influence me.

You were able to record your recent album Kings and Queens following a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign which raised over $27,000.  How did it feel to have so much fan support and financial contribution to your project?

It was shocking! I took a big risk doing such a big campaign, but I think no success is possible without some risk involved. I felt so honoured that people believe in my music so as to help take on a big project like that with me.

Can you tell us about how the album came together?

I had a lot of material to choose from, and then continued writing throughout the duration of the campaign. After Timo and I decided to work together, we started the demos for all the songs and preproduction. Once all the songs were solidified we sent them to the other guys and recorded them all. They recorded them in their own country while I stayed in Canada. It was a very interesting experience, but worked out well.

Do you have a favourite track from the album?

No, it can change depending on the mood. I still really love This Present Darkness.

Is there a theme or concept behind the music on the album?

Yes, but not on purpose. It often works out that way, especially if I've been serial-writing. As a whole, the theme has a lot to do with kingdoms, dystopias, breaking free from spells and corruption, betrayal, and the hard road of doing the right thing. There's the fantasy aspect and a real-world aspect.

How has the album been received with your fans and the media?

All very positive, which makes me happy.

You write all of your own music.  What inspires you?

I like I get into a different headspace when I'm in a creative mode. I have to get out of my own environment and into another world, free of interruption (which is difficult at times!) and into a place where my imagination can go anywhere. I have been inspired by books, films, ideas, pictures, absolutely anything.

To date you have concentrated on recording your music rather than touring and you have built a successful career so far. What are the reasons for this and how have you made this work for you? 

Yes, for now I am a recording artist. My main gig is my family life, which is pretty busy. I've made it work because I focus my productivity in seasons. I have times where music is the top priority and my focus is on writing and creating. When I'm focused I work hard and pretty fast. And then there are other seasons where I'm focused on developing relationships with fans and less on music itself. I leverage the Internet and social media the best I can and hope to use it even more in the future.

I imagine that social media has enabled you to reach a wider audience.  How have you harnessed this medium?

The best way I've found is focusing on a few platforms and use them well, rather than be on 15 different platforms, but not as active. I also believe it's good to be yourself and not try to form a distance between yourself and your audience.

Is touring something you would like to do in the future? 

Yes, I would love that when the time is right.

If you were to tour, where would you like to take your music?

I will go wherever the fans are! Ask and you shall receive :) Europe is a must.

It would be great to see a music video released for a track off Kings and Queens.  Do you have any plans to do something like this?

I would definitely like to do that. I haven't picked a song or made any plans yet, but I think it will be in my future.

What’s next for you and your music?

Nothing is set in stone at this point, but I definitely will continue writing and will make more music in the future! I'm just warming up :-)

Thanks to Leah for taking the time to talk to Femetalism.  We look forward to seeing what comes next.

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