Friday, 1 May 2015

New Release: Castrator - No Victim (May 2015)

What do you get when some of the best underground female death metal musicians join forces to make a band set out to emasculate death metal and turn the traditional death metal sausage-fest on its head? Castrator is what you get, and they're releasing their debut EP, No Victim", on 5th May on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The EP is an extension of their earlier No Victim demo, featuring two new songs.

From the press release:
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to unleash the brutal, all female Death Metal squad Castrator! Consisting of an international line-up of prolific performers, Castrator's members hail from Colombia, Florida, Mexico, Massachusetts, Sweden, and Norway. The debut EP entitled "No Victim" is an unmerciful musical experience and pure tornado of devastation. Already creating a buzz in the underground scene, Castrator are the essence of violent, lacerating, emasculating Death Metal... the perfect soundtrack to domination!
Emasculating death metal is an apt description. The band don't shy away from controversial topics and take the death metal community to task for its traditional overblown, over the top horror. Death metal has always had blood and gore, and extreme violence and the objectification and sexualisation of women in a violent context is traditionally dismissed as "horror theatre" or "just fantasy".

Castrator don't do "just fantasy", instead writing about extreme violence, hatred and misogyny from an uncomfortably real position. Whether it be a lament of the woman murdered by her own family in an honour killing after a lifetime of beatings, or an attempted rapist murdered by his intended victim, the themes seem far more plausible than fantastic and brings the mental safety net of it being harmless fantasy crashing down. 

The track listing of No Victim is:

1. Honor Killing
2. Brood
3. The Emasculator
4. No Victim

No Victim will be available via HPGD's Bandcamp and the two track demo version is available now on the band's own Bandcamp page. Alternatively pre-order a CD from Horror Pain Gore Death here:

You can follow Castrator on:


Originally posted on Femetalism by Craig Andrews