Monday, 1 June 2015

Black Mass & Femetalism Presents ... Part 2 - Photo Roundup

Sunday 31st May and we were down at South Sea Live, Sheffield for the second instalment of Black Mass and Femetalism Presents ...

Although there were some hiccups at the last minute with some bands having to change their venue and others having issues with health and family, we did at one point wonder if the night would go ahead at all. But go ahead it did and what a night! All of the bands, some of which travelled a very long way, put on fantastic performances and really pulled off a wonderful evening of music. Our apologies to the bands who were affected with the issues surrounding the evening, we really hope that we will see you in Sheffield again soon.

Here is our very quick photo round up, showcasing some of the photos taken of the evening. You can see the full set on the photos page.

Abi Prettyman

Abi Prettyman is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter based in Sheffield and brought in at the last minute for the show. Her acoustic performance was wonderful with both original and cover songs included in her set. The crowd really enjoyed her performance and it was a lovely, gentle start to the evening.

Control The Storm

Control The Storm are a melodic metal band based in the UK. Offering unforgettable melodies, an astounding double assault of dual guitars, atmospheric keys and the hard hitting rhythm section that modern metal heads crave.

Their set was full of energy and enthusiasm. They played a number of great tracks from their recent album Beast Inside as well as some from earlier demo releases. We have seen Control The Storm perform before, but in the smaller South Sea venue their performance was captivating and intense; really blew us away.

Soul Shredder

Sheffield's own Soul Shredder are influenced by all that's solid and powerful about heavy rock and metal from the 70s onwards and their aim is simple; write some good songs and play them loud! Soul Shredder brought their version of genre-defying heavy rock to the evening and gave another energetic and enthralling performance.

We are really looking forward to hearing the new material Soul Shredder are working on at the moment and seeing them perform at the next Black Mass and Femetalism presents ... evening in August.


Evyltyde are a British metal band based in and around the London area who bring the sound of traditional, classic metal into the modern age with a mix of killer riffs, searing power chords and melodic vocals. The band made the trip to Sheffield to perform, despite their bass player being in an accident and put on a fantastic set using backing music of the bass pieces.

The band clearly found it strange performing with "Dell" instead of a real musician, but they really put on a fantastic show; made even more special by their insistence on playing despite the obvious issues. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing their album tracks performed live and loved their banter in between songs and with their interaction with the crowd. A band we look forward to seeing again, with their full compliment of actual humans!

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