Wednesday, 10 June 2015

New Release: Vesperith - Esoteros EP (May 2015)

Finnish singer-songwriter Sariina Tani’s band Vesperith, released their self-published debut EP Esoteros online in May 2015. Vesperith blends deep, dark atmospheres in sweet soaring moments and fierce waves of metal. Sariina Tani sings beautiful melodies and raw screams to bring dynamics and contrast to Vesperith's mesmerising atmosphere.

Sariina Tani is an singer-songwriter from Tampere, Finland. Sariina writes lyrics and composes songs for Vesperith and the band's guitarist Jaakko Oksanen arranges the music for instruments. Vesperith also combines Sariina’s skills as an artist and her wish to create worlds in people's imagination.

Vesperith was founded by Sariina Tani in Spring 2014. Sariina is the only official member of the group and remains solely responsible for its direction. Vesperith's live line-up changes depending on the event. Cooperation with Jaakko Oksanen has continued from the beginning and was instrumental in Vesperith’s first release Esoteros.

The EP contains 16 minutes of music divided into two parts named: Sarastaja and Sieluni Palava Ikuinen. The title Esoteros refers to a way of seeing and existing in this world.
For a long time I wandered lost in a grey valley where I had been escorted by myself and other people. About a year ago a force within me drove me out of that suffocating place with intense ambition. I had to learn a new way to exist and stand with my own two feet. Fortunately old structures crack so that flowers and light can come in. In this case though, I burned the structures down myself so that I can be reborn.
 Sariina talks about her creative process for Esoteros.
 I started to compose music and it felt like the only right way to go.
Esoteros is a very personal piece about transformation and rebirth. That, when you give yourself a chance.
Sarastaja starts the story and goes from chaos to accepting the darkness that shows the light. The last part of Esoteros, Sieluni Palava Ikuinen, is mostly without lyrics. Sariina tells about the lyrical process.
I couldn’t find the words to describe what I was feeling. I felt that adding lyrics would only be misleading or diminish the meaning. I hope that the feeling is conveyed to you by the universal language of music. The song is open for everyone’s own interpretation.
Esoteros is a digital release which you can hear from the official website,  or from other music services: Soundcloud, YouTube or Bandcamp.

Music videos to the songs of Esoteros are also in the making.

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