Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Black Mass & Femetalism Presents ... Part 3 - Photo Roundup

Sunday 16th August and while the post Bloodstock Festival haze was just starting to lift, we headed out to South Sea for another evening of awesome music at the third instalment of Black Mass & Femetalism Presents ...

It was a really great evening, with loads of fantastic bands playing. Here is our very quick photo round up, showcasing some of the photos taken of the evening. You can see the full set on the photos page.

Sarah Stride & Alberto Turra

A composer since her teens, Sarah Demagistri, aka Sarah Stride, has been active in the Italian independent scene for the past 10 years.  Performing with Alberto Turro on guitar, the pair brought an interesting, engaging and dramatic opening to the evenings events.

Soul Shredder

Sheffield's very own genre-defying metal band are influenced by all that's solid and powerful about heavy rock and metal from the 70s onwards and play complicated, heavy and downright dirty power/melodic/rock music. Now regulars at these events, the band put on another captivating and energetic performance you couldn't help rocking out to.

Fire At Dawn

From Essex, this 5 piece hard rock band brought a fiery and passionate performance to South Sea. Catchy guitar riffs and some great catchy songs, the band really put on an immense show, even stepping behind the bar and into the crowd to encourage some crowd participation.

Celestial Wish

Celestial Wish are a Birmingham-based symphonic metal band. Their sound is characterised by the use of powerful orchestration, enchanting synths, soaring vocals and heavy riffs. Despite being a band member down, they put on a fantastic performance which included Crossing The River; a track we have been looking forward to seeing played live since it appeared on our compilation series.

Pretty Addicted

Taking dance music to a whole new level were Pretty Addicted who call their take on music GDM (Gothic Dance Music).  The band brought not only a totally unique sound to South Sea, but also a totally unique stage performance. They got the room bouncing through and their entire performance was incredibly addictive to watch indeed.


Sertraline originate from Stoke -On-Trent and set out to create something fresh, energetic and memorable and they surely do.  A fantastic, energetic and passionate performance; you couldn't help but get involved.

Tori Lamour

Last up was headliner Tori Lamour who brought the house down with her sassy blend of rock, metal and badass attitude.  Tori has been performing since an young age and has amassed an army of loyal supporters.  Her performance rounded off an excellent evening beautifully.

Next up we have the Black Mass Festival in October and our last Black Mass collaboration in the form of a special Christmas Black Mass and Femetalism Presents ... evening in December.

See more gig pictures from Iron Golem Photography and on our photo page!

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.