Saturday, 29 August 2015

Post Bloodstock 2015 Interview with We Are The Catalyst

Here is the next interview in our series of interviews with some of the bands we featured in our Top Picks for Bloodstock 2015 article last week.

Formed in 2012 by vocalist Cat and guitarist Kenny, We Are The Catalyst are from Sweden and have been making a name for themselves recently. They have enjoyed global media support of the bands critically acclaimed charity cover release of Don’t You Worry Child in aid of The Fostering Network, have released both an EP - Panem et Circenses, and their debut album Monuments plus they have toured China and played one of the biggest festivals there, Strawberry Festival.

The band were selected as support for one of Delain's UK tour dates in October and Cat explains how that resulted in them playing at Bloodstock this year.

"A few weeks ago we got the news that we were one of the four bands that had won a support slot for Delains UK tour in October. That meaning each band get to support Delain at one show each, and we will support them in Birmingham on October 23. Also Delain, Metalhammer and Bloodstock choose one band out of these four that would get a slot at Bloodstock Open Air this year, and it turned out we were the lucky winners! So that was a nice surprise!" 
To prepare for the show the band have done what they always do, "practice practice practice!" They also prepared some confetti to give their live show "an extra boost! ;)"

The band played an incredible set, yet they apparently had some difficulties. I asked Cat how their Bloodstock experience had been and what actually happened.
"We had a great time! It was awesome seeing more and more people come in the tent as our show went on! On stage we had a really bloody event though, which I only realized after the set! One of the technicians had come to rescue the drums from sliding away from our drummer Håkan, as the show went on he sat there like a champ and held everything in place. Then out of nowhere he got our backing tracks machine all over him, and started to bleed from his head! But he never left the stage until the show was finished! So after the show when I heard what had happened, we all came to thank him for giving his all, even spilling his own blood for our show! :D Luckily he was not badly hurt!

We only stayed there on the Friday, but we had a very good time! We hung out with the other bands that played and watched some of them play, got to spend some time with our manager Stuart (the best manager ever ;) ) who lives in the UK. We also got the chance to meet the guys in Delain and chat a little, which was of course really great!"   

We Are The Catalyst will be playing in Sweden in September and then are back in the UK in October to support Delain. following that show they are going on their own UK tour for two weeks. They are also playing the Planet Rockstock festival in December in the UK with the likes of Danko Jones, The Darkness and Heavens Basement.

Check out the band's video for Don't You Worry Child, which is introduced by legend Jerry Springer:

You can go visit the bands website: where you can find everything you need about the band! And of course you can find their music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and such! If you have a Playstation you can even watch some of their music videos on the Playstation Vidzone Services!

You can also follow the band on:


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