Monday, 17 August 2015

Post Bloodstock 2015 Interview with Skarthia

Here is the next interview in our series of interviews with some of the bands we featured in our Top Picks for Bloodstock 2015 article last week.

Skarthia are a London based melodic death/groove metal band who released their debut album Retaliate in 2012. Following their fantastic performance on the Bloodstock New Blood Stage we asked the band a few questions about their experience at Bloodstock and what to look out for from the band in the future.

Can you introduce us to the band?

Av: I'm Av, I'm the lead vocalist and guitarist, assuming the front-man role.
Sapir: I'm Sapir I cover guitar and female vocals.
Wayne: They call me the Butcher but you can call me Wayne, I'm the drummer.
Gigi: And I'm Gigi, I'm the reason your floorboards and doors creak at night

How and when did you find out you would be playing at Bloodstock this year?

Gigi: I got a ping on my mobeol device when I was circulating pluto.
Wayne: Yes, it's worth noting that Gigi is a being from another multi-verse so he's not bound by time.
Sapir: We found out in the beginning of June at the Metal 2 The Masses final at the Purple Turtle.
Wayne: We were selected to play by Simon Hall along with Wretched Toad.
Sapir: We'd actually played the competition before reaching the final in 2013 and he remembered us, he told us we were the most improved band he'd seen.

How did you prepare for your performance?

Av: We've all taken tasks upon ourselves to develop further, it's generally been a case of focusing on the small details that all add up in the big picture.
Wayne: Yeah really it's the music that we've paid the most attention to
Av: Everyone has done their part to give the audience the best possible show, make them want to raise their fists and head bang.
Gigi: I prepared by walking down the street and snapping peoples necks to get used to doing it well.

We really enjoyed your BOA performance.  How was it for you?

Sapir: We were very prepared but it was the first time we played outside, it was difficult to gauge the sound that the audience were hearing but the crowd were unbelievable especially for a time slot like ours.
Av: We had so many people in there it was really amazing to see, especially at 10:30am after 3 days of partying.
Wayne: Yeah they were really getting into it, you wouldn't have known it was so early.

How was the overall Bloodstock experience?

Gigi: Terrible, there was so much cattle walking around freely that should have been in cages.
Sapir: But for us humans it was absolutely amazing, meeting the people, the bands, all three stages were on fire. Just having trouble getting over festival blues now.
Av: It was such a comfortable environment for us, we always find it hard to adjust back into the society.

Who else did you get to see during the festival?

Sapir: Opeth, Trivium and Sepultura were the highlights for me. Codex Alimentarius blew away the New Blood stage.
Wayne: Yeah the New Blood bands were shockingly good, it was odd that we hadn't heard of some of them before.

What is coming up next for the band?

Av: Well we have some dates lined up, highlights being Halloween in Norwich and a possible Christmas gig. We've got Breaking Bands Festival lined up for next May too.
Wayne: But we'll be focusing on album two during that time, so expect a new record in 2016.

How can we keep up to date with what you are doing and get a hold of your music?

Av: You can find us all over the web, Facebook, Reverbnation, Youtube. You can listen for free on Spotify or if you have a console, via Sony Unlimited and Xbox Groove. We have a merch store where you can order T-shirts or the album with Bigcartel, the album is available digitally with iTunes and Amazon.
Gigi: If you buy it, I'll sign it for you next time I come by to haunt your house.

Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.