Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Post Bloodstock 2015 Interview with Wretched Toad

Here is the next interview in our series of interviews with some of the bands we featured in our Top Picks for Bloodstock 2015 article last week.

Wretched Toad are from Barnet and St Albans and have been together for three years. They haven't released anything yet, instead focussing on song-writing and competition-winning. They won the London Metal 2 The Masses competition for a place on the Bloodstock New Blood stage in June.

The bands drummer Sylvy explains,
"To our massive surprise our name was called out by Bloodstock’s Simon Hall at the end of a fantastic night, and we have been on a crazy ride since. It was such an honour to have been chosen to close the New Blood stage on Sunday so massive thanks to him. All of M2TM has been a fantastic experience for us so we'd like to thank Mick Wood as well for organising it to such a high standard."

Preparation for the set consisted practice, of course, with some warm-up gigs, but for this illustrious occasion some merchandise was required.
"Obviously we practiced our set a lot and we’ve done some warm-up gigs to help with that too, but we’ve also been very busy trying to get some music and shirts ready for Bloodstock - both are now ‘sold out’ officially so we’re really pleased people seemed to like our stuff!"
On the day there was a minor setback; singer Gerry had serious vocal problems and struggled to make much noise at all. He didn't let it stop, him, though and carried on through to do the set justice. The toady bubble machines and flying inflatable pond may have distracted everyone enough with hilarity to not mind too much anyway!

The band seemed to enjoy it, too. Closing the New Blood stage at the end of Sunday can be as fraught as opening on the Friday; will anyone still be awake to come?
"It went very well for us, despite our singer Gerry having serious vocal issues. He’d been ill all weekend but still managed to soldier on to deliver a great set. The crowd was amazing and incredibly supportive - it has been the best thing we’ve done so far and needless to say we’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

It has been an amazing time for us. For some it was the first time and we all had a blast. The atmosphere is like nowhere else, it really is a family. The crew was fantastic as well, we felt so welcome as a New Blood band and again, it was an honour!"

Of course spending a weekend at Bloodstock it would be remiss not to check out the other bands. There seems to be a general agreement that the New Blood stage was definitely the place to be this year; great bands putting on consistently great sets all weekend and not to be missed.
"We made sure to catch our friends in Sumer and Skarthia on Saturday and Sunday respectively, and I think I speak for all of us when I say they were among the top bands of the whole weekend for us. The standard in the New Blood tent was amazingly high. We saw a couple of excellent bands on the main stage as well: Sabaton did a great set, Dark Angel followed by Death was epic, some of us saw Opeth and we caught a bit of Rob Zombie as well."
The band are presently enjoying something of a post-Bloodstock holiday (something we all desperately need!) but will then be setting out to get an album put together from all the songs they've been busily writing. There are also a couple more live appearances in the works, too.
"We are going to knuckle down and work on releasing our album, as we’ve got plenty of songs to release! We also have the honour of playing the warm-up show for the Fire & Forge Fest in Wiltshire in September and the Breaking Bands fest in May next year… so there’s exciting times ahead for the toads!"
The Wretched Toad album teaser is free to download from Bandcamp at the moment, and you can follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates from the pond!

Originally posted by Craig Andrews on Femetalism.