Saturday, 29 August 2015

Post Bloodstock 2015 Interview with Triaxis

Here is the next interview in our series of interviews with some of the bands we featured in our Top Picks for Bloodstock 2015 article last week.

Triaxis are a heavy metal 5 piece from South Wales (and a little bit Bristol) consisting of:
Vocals - Krissie Kirby, Lead Guitar - Glyn Williams, Rhythm Guitar - CJ Wilson, Bass - Becky Baldwin and Drums - Giles Wilson. Formed in 2006, their first album received critical acclaim from such places as Zero Tolerance, Metal Hammer and Terrorizer. Their third studio album Zero Hour was funded through a PledgeMusic campaign, which achieved 100% of its target in nine hours via unprecedented support from Triaxis fans.

The band were emailed by the festival organisers a fair few weeks before they could announce it and had the difficult task of keeping their festival announcement quiet. However, when they were finally able to tell people the news was very well received by fans and the Bloodstock community.

I asked bassist Becky how the band prepared for their performance.
"Of course we had been rehearsing as a band and getting some more personal practice in. We wanted to put our best foot forward, so the songs we selected for our Bloodstock show were staples of the Zero Hour tour anyway. There wasn't a huge amount of work to do there, so we spent our time making sure our gear was all sounding great and that we had stocked enough beers and cider for the weekend!"
Triaxis performance was one of the highlights of my Bloodstock; the Sophie Lancaster tent was packed and there was a lot of support for the band, despite the early morning stage time.
"There had been a build up to our set on the Sunday morning, we'd been at BOA since Thursday night, so there was a lot of excitement running up to it. When we were setting up on Sunday morning, we were amazed by how many fans got there so early, all ready at the barrier before we'd even got our stage gear on! Considering this was before 11am on the last day of a festival, we were impressed people were still setting alarm clocks! By the time we started up the tent was pretty full, and from the off the crowd were behind us. We had so much fun! More and more people packed into the tent as the set went on we were so happy that the fans were enjoying our music. 
We love Bloodstock, it is our favourite UK Metal festival, so it was an honour to return and to play on the Sophie stage. With such a friendly atmosphere, it is a chance to catch up with old friends, fans of the band and of course make new friends!
Some of our highlights include Death, Within Temptaion, Overkill, Sabaton, Onslaught, Wolf, Endeavour, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura and Opeth."
The band plan to continue touring the new album Zero Hour throughout the UK and are hoping to get back over to mainland Europe early next year. They are also releasing a music video in the coming months.

Here are the band performing Victorious Wizzfest in March 2015.

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Originally posted by Emma Sheridan on Femetalism.

Thanks to Rowan Andrews for taking photos of Triaxis on behalf of Femetalism.